March 3, 2024

Chris Hardy--Kevin Deeb executes a perfect lay up over the opposing player.

Chris Hardy--Kevin Deeb executes a perfect lay up over the opposing player.

California Baptist University Men’s Basketball squared off against Hope International University on Feb. 2. The team’s intensity and ability to work together was the focus of the game.

“The ups and downs we experienced with a big group of new freshmen coming into the start of the season was hard and we were not gelling together,” guard Justus Von Wright said.

The team is now gelling together well as they have gotten more experience playing together. The team is filled with talented athletes who come into the game ready to play with full force. Von Wright shot a 16-point game against HIU and Ivan Patterson scored 11 points.

“My favorite part of the game was the middle because we executed the best then rather than playing more sloppy towards the end of the game,” Von Wright said.

It was the strong execution of their game plan that secured the 82-74 victory for CBU.

The fans at this game came out ready to cheer in full force as well.

“My favorite cheer is when we stir the pot,” freshman Wesley Sims said.

This is a hand motion and dance that has been established this season.

“It is fun to stir the pot because all the fans come together to do it. When the mascot does it, it gets everyone pumped up for the game,” Sims said.

Mike Teruel is one of the specially selected energetic fans known as CBU Crazies.

“My favorite part of the games is talking trash to other players,” Teruel said.

“At this point in the season, the team is learning how to play together and how to be a part of a team no matter if we are playing at the top of our game or at the lowest level,” guard Ivan Patterson said.

It is important to play together as a team at all times, even in good times or bad because it shows how a team can work together to achieve common goals, no matter the circumstances.

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