October 1, 2023

In recent years, athletic programs flourished at California Baptist University. Outstanding individual and team performances in the field of athletics are not a new concept at CBU though, as the tradition of athletic achievement has been woven into the history of the CBU community for decades.

In order to commemorate the prestigious CBU alumni who excelled in athletics on campus, the CBU Athletics Hall of Fame was created.

The purpose of the CBU Athletics Hall of Fame is to pay tribute to those men and women who helped bring recognition and honor to the school on
the playing fields or, to those persons who by their deeds made outstanding contributions to the athletics program.

Currently there are 48 members in the CBU Hall of Fame including male and female inductees from basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, tennis, volleyball, soccer, cross country, swimming and water polo. The hall of fame also recognizes coaches, athletic directors and even a member inducted for his meritorious service.

The very first inductee into the CBU Hall of Fame was Judson Dabney in 1983, he was inducted for his athletic contributions to both men’s basketball and baseball.

Since his induction, there was at least one inductee each year except for 2009. There are no set limitation on how many or how few individuals may be inducted each year; however the CBU athletic department intends to ensure that the prestige and esteem of the CBU Hall of Fame is constantly upheld.

In order to uphold the reputation of the CBU Hall of Fame, applicants must be judged by the selection committee, which is currently made up seven knowledgeable and influential members of the CBU family.

This committee includes Director of Athletics, Micah Parker, along with Assistant Directors of Athletics Micah McDaniel and Mo Roberson, Faculty Athletic Representative David Pearson, Vice President for Student Services Kent Dacus, Christina Gordon from Institutional Advancement and current Hall of Fame member Steve Johnson.

Together these seven individuals elect to induct applicants based off of the following criteria; the applicants’ athletic achievements while attending CBU and the applicants’ moral and ethical character while involved with athletics at CBU. Possible inductees must also have a minimum of five years between their playing career and their induction.

If the committee deems an individual worthy of such an honor, that individual is selected into the CBU Hall of Fame and is recognized at multiple events throughout the CBU community.

The most recent inductees are Lyndsay Devaney, swimming, and Esteban Enriquez, baseball, who were just inducted this year.

As is custom for the induction process, Devaney and Enriquez were recognized and honored several times during this year’s CBU Homecoming weekend.

According to Parker, Devaney and Enriquez were first honored during a CBU Alumni Banquet earlier this school year, then again during the pre-game parking lot celebration on Feb. 12 and once more during the half-time of the Homecoming basketball games.

While no literal Hall of Fame structure exists today, Parker remains hopeful that someday soon, when a stadium is built for CBU athletics, a suitable tribute will be established to return the honor to the great athletes and individuals who have brought honor and recognition to CBU.

Until then, the athletic department plans to continue to honor its Hall of Fame members as often and as boldly as they can. Their athletic efforts and accomplishments have helped build this university and athletics program into a prestigious institution.

For more information on the Hall of Fame and past inductees visit www.cbulancers.com and click on the “Hall of Fame” tab.

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