February 23, 2024

Cayla Ames--Alex Chedlak's new book shares some of the most common mistakes made by college students and principles on how to fix them.

Cayla Ames--Alex Chedlak's new book shares some of the most common mistakes made by college students and principles on how to fix them.

College students can make mistakes.

Procrastinating, avoiding responsibilities and trouble balancing work and play are some of the most common. However, there are solutions to these problems.

In order to help students navigate their time at college , Alex Chediak, associate professor of engineering and physics at California Baptist University, wrote “Thriving at College.”

The book, available now for pre-order on Amazon, unpacks ten common mistakes made by college students in areas like relationships, academics and personal integrity. Principles accompany every chapter that provide a way for the student to “thrive.”

College students should “embrace all that comes with responsible adulthood” learning to balance priorities and keep a schedule, learning to be functionally independent from mom and dad, learning to recognize their God-given talents,” Chediak explained.

The practical application of the advice provided in the book can help students to “eventually land a job, pay bills and function well in adult society.”

For some, the transition into college can be hard. Time management is the area where most students struggle. Sometimes the lines blur between work and play.

“I think if we work when it’s time to work, we end up having more time to play, because we work more efficiently. Texting, checking Facebook, and other forms of socializing during work time tendn to be counter-productive,” Chediak said.

One way to remedy this issue is for students to create a schedule that reflects their priorities.

During the construction of the book, Chediak received feedback from four students around the country who read draft versions of each chapter.

“They provided extensive feedback-feedback incorporated into the final version of the chapters,” Chediak said. “I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful students who chose to read the book and interact with me about it as I was writing it.

The book, I trust, is much better as a result of their involvement.” The book is written in a format that is easy to read and follow. All chapters contain factoids ” relevant statistics highlighting material discussed. Additionally, there are question and answer segments written in a sincere and genuine tone. At the end of the chapters, there are discussion questions and conclusion paragraphs to reinforce what was read.

The chapters also contain stories from real life experiences from Chediak, his friends and former students.

Chediak’s newest book also received praise from CBU.

Dean of Spiritual Life John Montgomery read it and shared with Kent Dacus, vice president for enrollment and student services. Dacus later called Chediak to tell him that the book would be bought for the incoming freshman class.

Sophomore Jacqui Cox read the book and said she was challenged to make the most of her collegiate career.

“I came to a better understanding of maintaining a healthy balance between school and fun and how that will benefit you each semester,” Cox said. “This book is relevant by putting situations into perspective to further benefit my journey through college.”

Learning to avoid mistakes, taking responsibility and keeping the Christian faith are some of the goals of the book.

“We ought to aim to graduate as young adults, ready to take our place in the world, honoring our parents’ labors by embracing the responsibilities and callings appointed to us by God,” Chediak said.