February 21, 2024

As winter is slowly departing and your fashion fatigue is arising, it is time to pack up your rain boots and coats and bring out your spring must haves. Maybe this time you will not have to reach as far as the dusty corner of your closet.

As new fashion trends are developing, old ones are sticking around as well. When your mother tells you, ”I wore that when I was your age,” do not be so shocked. Old fashion statements are coming back and do not look too hideous.

70s glamour and 70s bohemian
We all crave the vintage vibe and the 70s styles are definitely coming back with a flash. Think flowy and shimmery clothing. The 70s is a bold era with confidence in attire. The 70s era is the start of many other spring fashion trends that are this season’s must haves.

Lace clothing
No, it is not new this season but it is a trend that has stayed for multiple seasons and leaves a great impression. It is a classy item that can either be made elegant or edgy.

Crochet and macramé
From ship ropes to your grandmother’s crochet blanket you will be seeing a lot of these fashion items. Just like lace, it is a delicate and classy fabric. It is from the 70s and is definitely an ‘it’ item.

Floral print
It is not something new this season but it always brings a sweet statement. You will be seeing not only floral dresses but also floral shorts.

Taking away from the 70s, you will be seeing other decade trends happening this season.

Crop tops
This look was big in 2009 and will be a success in 2011 as well. It is great for the casual and going out look. It is perfect for the hot weather we will soon be enjoying.

It has always been a dominant part of spring/summer seasons but it is now going for a more nautical look. You can never go wrong with stripes in spring.

Other than bringing the vintage look back, you want to be bold and daring.

Biker look
Being edgy is a risk that more people need to take. You can make soft clothing items and put a little dangerous twist to them. Fringe, studs and leather are great items to put a little twist to your everyday look. Do not be afraid to throw a leather jacket over your spring dress.

African print
The bold colors and patterns are peeking around from 2009. The bright and bold colors are perfect schemes for the warm weather.

This upcoming spring season is a time to be bold, confident and fun. Take a risk with your clothing items. Do not be afraid to get away from your neutral and solid tones. This is when the phrase “be bold and beautiful” really comes to affect. This winter weather is soon to pass and spring will soon shine.

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