April 13, 2024

The California Baptist University International Center did not let the weather ruin the International Night of Worship which was scheduled to take place in Stamps Courtyard on March 24 at 6 p.m.

However, due to weather conditions, they were unable to hold the International Night of Worship outside. It was relocated to the Campus Activities Center in the Yeager Center and rescheduled to take place an hour later.

The pool and foosball tables were moved aside in the Gameroom to make room for a stage as well as chairs to accommodate CBU students and friends in attendance.

The chairs were filled and some students were standing as Lucas Wehner Head ISA, International Center, made a few announcements and led the room in a word of prayer.

The night started off with Logan Muchow, senior christian studies major, as he played his ukulele and sang “Trading My Sorrows” in Spanish. Muchow also sang a song he wrote with his translator from Rwanda entitled “Lord, Thank You for Rwanda.”

A group of Rwandan students; Corinne Bazoza, Hope Umutesi, Francine Ngoga, Janviere Kabagwira, Guillaume Iradukunda, Methode Maniraguha and Jacques Mbonyingabo sang a few songs in a variety of languages and danced.

Not only did they sing in Rwandan but also French, Swahili and English. Upon reaching the final song they prepared, the Rwandan students were able to get the students sitting in chairs involved.

They encouraged a few students to stand up and dance along with them, mirroring their movements and praising the Lord in song and dance.

Upon the end of the Rwandans’ song the band members of the band Pilgrim came to the front to begin their set and invited the Rwandan students to help them sing their first song.

As the night progressed more students became drawn to the loud music as they passed the Gameroom and stopped to listen in and inquire about what was going on.

“You guys can stand up and dance around if you want to. You don’t have to be limited to these seats,” Luke MacNeil, vocalist and acoustic guitarist, said.

Pilgrim is a Christian rock band from Temecula made up of MacNeil, Tyler Southard (Bass), Grant Schaul (Drums) and Nathaniel Callaghan (Keyboard).

Throughout the night the band performed in a variety of ways. They performed their own songs, songs that were familiar to the CBU community and with other additions.

Songs included the additions of Muchow on his ukulele as well as Cassie Kruger, junior liberal studies major, on her violin.

MacNeil also played a few songs by himself before welcoming his band mates back onstage to help him close out the night.

The International Night of Worship has been held once a semester since Spring 2010. It gives International students, staff and other CBU students the chance to hang out and worship together.

“The plan is to intentionally build community between international and American CBU students,” Wehner said. “As long as we, as International Center staff and student leaders, observe that this is happening during such events we will continue.”

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