July 25, 2024

Red carpets, golden awards and fashionable clothes. Some may think this is the Grammy awards but this is actually is actually the “First Annual Mustache Awards.”

The event, which was held in the Staples Courtyard was co-sponsored by the Campus Activities Board and Residence Life, was a formal dinner catered by Provider, with an awards ceremony shortly after. Guests of the red carpet affair were treated to the sweet harmonious tunes of a barbershop quartet, The Crush.

The event, featured eight different mustache categories that CBU men signed up for in the CAB office. Space was limited and only 100 spaces were alloted to students to sign up for the event.

CBU men, women and even children of some of CBU staff either grew, or drew their mustache to mix the classy atmosphere of a formal dinner with the sillyness that mustaches have come to represent.

Jared Procop, a junior and fake-mustache wearer said that “people thought my fake mustache was funny. People asked what category I was participating in – but there wasn’t a fake mustache category.”

Men and women met at the Fortuna fountain and eventually made their way into Staples courtyard by following the red carpet to where tables were set up with Mustache themed centerpieces. Dinner was served and as the sun set, awards were given out to the winners of the eight different categories.

Participants not only took time to grow mustaches but to also dress the part.

“Guys really got into character, dressing up like high society gentlemen,”graduate assistant, Jay Stovall, said.

“I would say I looked a little like a Guatemalan Odd-Job,” junior Sammy Ramos said, referring to his looks in comparison to a James Bond character.

The winners were: Jake Hartson -” High Society Mustache, Micah Sherman -” Most Creative Mustache, Joshua Mott -” Toothbrush Mustache, Connor Pierce -” Best in Show and Classic Mustache, Ian Price -” Handlebar Mustache, Chris Cox -” Most Disturbing Mustache, Joe Sereda -” Horseshoe Mustache.

Many students enjoyed the event.

Procop liked that it was a formal event. “It was fun to have a classy, formal event here. We need more formal activities,” he said.

Joshua Mott, a senior and prized mustache grower said that he “enjoyed the food, the entertainment and winning an award. Students would look forward to another event like this next year.”

CBU women also enjoyed the gala event.

“I felt that us women were able to be a part of something different. The men were able to take pride in growing their various mustaches and we were able to celebrate with them,” senior Gabrielle Lemieux said.