April 20, 2024

Chris Hardy--Trevor Graifman is now a three time NAIA Champion.

Chris Hardy--Trevor Graifman is now a three time NAIA Champion.

In California’s scorching summer heat many people turn to swimming pools for a little relief. However, it takes great talent to earn multiple All-American honors in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for an activity which is often just a pastime.

Trevor Graifman is a junior at California Baptist University, where he is an All-American member of the diving team. During the 2011 season, Graifman won 11 out of his 12 three-meter diving events, was undefeated in the one-meter board and was crowned the NAIA’s Diver of the Month in February 2011.

During the 2009-2010 season he won the 3-meter national title and two All-American honors at the NAIA National Championships.

Graifman began diving as a freshman in high school simply because his school offered it. Previously, he was a gymnast. “It’s kind of the same idea, you’re twirling through the air trying to make stunts look good,” he said.

Soon after his freshman season, Graifman’s friend referred him to a club team and he began competing year-round and worked hard to earn a scholarship to dive at CBU.

The men’s swimming and diving team was the NAIA’s runner-up at the national championship this year, where Graifman once again showed his incredible talent, winning both three-meter and one-meter National Championship. The last diver to manage this feat was Ben Wahlman who is now the Lancer’s diving coach.

“I feel good that I won, but I feel like I’m just doing what is expected of me so I can’t really get cocky about it,” Graifman said.

Before the events began at the National Championship meet, Graifman and others on the team were awarded Scholar-Athlete awards.

When asked about this honor Graifman said, “I feel good about it, I try to do the best of my ability in both school and diving. School is very important to me.”

Graifman explained the fact that getting that honor is not easy, it is really hard to balance being a student and an athlete. Everything needs to be planned with time-management in mind.

“That’s why I love my school planner,” Graifman said.

After his success these last two seasons in the NAIA, he says that the transition to the National Collegiate Athletic Association is bittersweet. It is great for the program but due to the first year being a transition year, he will not get to participate in any national championships during his senior year.

Trevor Graifman is more than just a tremendous athlete, he is also a hard-working biology major who aspires to be a doctor.

He plans to take the Medical College Admission Test this summer. He finds his encouragement through his father who helps him with rough days and helps him to remain humble through all of his success.

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