June 19, 2024

Loyalty, dedication and drive. Three qualities that make up a great person and a great staff member. Mo Roberson exemplifies all three.

Roberson holds the title of Assistant Director of Athletics, Facilities. He has come a long way from his humble beginnings at California Baptist University as an evening program undergrad student in 1996.

Roberson began his career in CBU Athletics in 1999 as a volunteer baseball coach assisting his mentor and former head baseball coach Paul Kumamoto. Kumamoto led Roberson to Christ and has been a close family friend for numerous years.

“Baseball is my favorite pastime sport so I did that for two years then the gym managers position opened in 2001,” said Roberson. Roberson’s job was to keep the maintenance in the gym, during this time he also assisted with game management tasks.

A year or two later he started taking over game management. He was in charge of creating the current event management set up. With the help of various students and workers the current process has events running smoothly.

“The greatest joy is to see students come back and see how far we have come,” Roberson said.

In 2004, Doug Huckabee placed Roberson in charge of all athletic facilities. The job of a facilities director includes overseeing daily operations and making sure the safety and quality of the facilities is up to the highest grade possible.

During the 2007 season Roberson took on more directorial responsibilities. In 2010 Kent Dacus, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services promoted to Roberson to Assistant Athletic Director. He now oversees athletic trainers, the fitness center and his prior facilities jobs as well.

“I have lived in this city all my life. Dr. Ellis has put it on the map and to go through the city and say that I’m a part of that, part of something so wonderful is a blessing,” Roberson said. “The fiber of the university which is committed to the great commission, I hope the students and staff alike are proud to be apart of.”

Roberson is married to wife Rosalie who is a CBU alum and they have two children, Sierra (8) and Matthew (7).

“Athletics is my love. The Lord brought me here and through this journey I have developed a great affection for CBU, for the students and I hope to be useful vessel for the Lord, be a great husband and father.”

As the university continues to grow, it is wonderful to have people like Roberson to help keep the mission of the university alive and to bless everyone one on this great journey.