June 5, 2023

Mike Sampson--A Lancer polo player treads water and gets ready to throw the ball.

Mike Sampson--A Lancer polo player treads water and gets ready to throw the ball.

The California Baptist University Men’s Water Polo team 2010-2011 season has just begun, and already hopes are high that the team will go far, not only in competition but also together as a team.


The team will start its season with the UC Irvine Tournament starting Sept. 6 in which they will play UCI, who is ranked No. 5 in The Collegiate Water Polo Association Top 20 Men’s Varsity preseason poll that was just released on Aug. 17. CBU is ranked No. 20.

“We are really excited for an upcoming weekend at the Princeton Tournament where we get to play some pretty nice East coast teams,” men’s water polo coach Rick Rowland said.

The tournament takes place in September. CBU will play teams such as Harvard, Princeton and Johns Hopkins.

In October the team will play Brown and Davis in the Santa Clara tournament. The Air Force, who has a top twenty team as well, will also be coming to CBU.

The men’s first home game is Saturday, Sept. 18 against Vanguard.

Game schedule aside, the team is also focusing on the game itself and tightening up the loose ends.

“We are working on coming together defensively, which always sets the tone for a strong season,” Rowland explained. “I would really like to get on the same page offensively as well and work on getting those ejections from the officials. We are also working on getting those good passes in. Make good passes and you will be rewarded by the officials.”

This season’s schedule will be filled with top 20 teams, so CBU will have to step up their game in order to make it count.

“We just want to climb a little higher this season and end it on a good note,” Rowland said.