March 3, 2024

Zachary Mullings--Students compete in an organized volleyball league in the Van Dyne Gym.

Zachary Mullings--Students compete in an organized volleyball league in the Van Dyne Gym.

The Van Dyne Gymnasium is once again filled with the cheers of students.

The intramural volleyball competitions began on Oct. 4 and a record number of teams signed up to play for a shot at the championships.

“There are 44 teams, so an equivalence of 440 people participating in Intramural volleyball this year which is amazing,” Jeff Couto, recreational sports grad assistant, said. “I think last year we had 36 teams so that’s definitely a step up.”

Each team has the opportunity to play in six games over the course of the season and then the finals begin. All games are held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 – 11:30 p.m.

“Times are what’s available due to gym practices. We have women’s volleyball and men and women’s basketball in here, so these are the times available for intramurals,” Cuoto said.

The average number of players on each team range anywhere from 10 to 12 with players that have all different areas of expertise in the game of volleyball.

“You are going to have teams who are just out here to have a good time and then you have the superstars who are just killing it,” Couto said. “So you have all dynamics from advanced to intermediate to beginner.”

The officials for every game are typically students from California Baptist University’s own men and women’s volleyball teams.

“They rotate every game night based on availability,” Couto said.

Rules for the games include normal rules which are typical for every volleyball game. This includes side outs, 10 foot rule, bumping the net, not being able to block on serves and things of that nature.

Couto also explained that even though the games are for fun, things get pretty competitive.

“The finals are always pretty intense battles. Typically the teams in the finals are made up of people who have played in high school so they just know what they are doing and it makes for a good game to watch.”

Like many other sports, intramural volleyball is something for the students at CBU to get together and show what they’ve got.

“Intramural volleyball is my chance to prove everyone wrong who didn’t believe that I could be on the school team,” Junior David Helms said.

“Being on the courts is where it comes together for me, life that is. Its where I just feel right, as if its where I was meant to be.”

Game schedules can be found on InsideCBU and finals begin at the end of November.