July 25, 2024
Lisette Nichols -- The five essential items include your ID card, pens, laptop charger, cell phone and spare change.

Summer is ending and it is time to get into school mode.

You might be well prepared on the first day of school but, like most of us, we forget something in our dorm room on occasion. Here are five items that slip our minds when we rush to get to class on time.

ID card/room key

Most living areas use student ID cards as apartment keys and some living areas like Smith and Simmons Halls require an ID card to enter the building. Forgetting this important item will not only lock you out of your room but it also will prevent you from receiving chapel credit or gaining entrance into the Alumni Dining Commons.

If you go to chapel and forget your ID card, you receive up to two free passes and a notice through Lancermail. After that you will not receive credit. Also, if you forget your ID card when going to the ADC, you will need to go to Campus Life and ask for a temporary card for the day but they only give two temporary cards per semester. Go to Campus Life for more details.

If you need to get into your room without your card, you should call your roommate for help because most RAs will charge you $2. Talk first to your RA about their rules on this issue. One helpful idea to not lose it is to punch a hole in it so it will stay with the rest of your keys.
Cell phone

For many students at California Baptist University, the worst feeling in the world is not having your phone. CBU might be small but it’s big enough
to where it can be a challenge to find someone you are looking for if you do not know your location. Keeping in contact with people is important, whether you are calling to meet up with a friend at Brisco’s or your roommate forgot his or her key and needs to get into your apartment.

Pens and paper

Students who still focus hardcore on their work take notes with pen and paper. Many teachers conduct in-class assignments and you do not want to be the student who comes to class empty- handed. Remember: you are in school, so it is expected that you take your supplies with you.

Laptop charger

If you are one of many students who bring laptops to class or the Annie Gabriel Library, remember to bring your charger. It would be tragic to have your laptop die in the middle of an assignment. You can find outlets in most classrooms; there is easy access for charging laptops in class.

Spare change

If you do not have a printer, you can print homework assignments or whatever you may need in the library or the Computer Lab in the Yeager Building. They will charge you 5 cents for every two pages. Next time you see a dime on the ground, pick it up because it will pay to print your homework.

It is important to stay organized and keep track of your school work and other responsibilities. Classes have started, so this is the chance for you to make this school year what you want it to be. As students adjust to the fall semester, remember these little items. If forgotten, they will cost you.