July 25, 2024

Lisette Nichols -- Gigi Fox and Candy McMillen start a 50’s revival with Frankie & Miliey’s Happy Days Diner.

Lisette Nichols -- Gigi Fox and Candy McMillen start a 50’s revival with Frankie & Miliey’s Happy Days Diner.

Elvis may be gone and jukeboxes might be gathering dust in collectors’ shops, but students at California Baptist University have the opportunity to go back in time at Frankie & Miliey’s Happy Days Diner.

Located at 9696 Magnolia Ave. between Van Buren Boulevard and Tyler Street in Riverside, Happy Days Diner is a family-owned business that offers a delectable array of cuisine to any discerning palate and is affordable on any budget.

Opened by sisters Gigi Fox and Candy McMillen in June, Happy Days Diner offers traditional American and Mexican cuisine in a ’50s-themed diner, complete with swanky décor and ’50s-era music from their very own jukebox.

“This was a Spanish grill before and opening Happy Days was a dream we had for a while,” Fox said. “We chose the theme because it was something we were raised with. Our dad played instruments and we grew up listening to old records.”

Signature dishes include burgers, which are always made from fresh Angus beef, Chile Verde plate and Pulled Pork Sandwich. Entrees never exceed more than $9.99 and students, in addition to senior citizens and those enlisted in the Armed Forces, receive discounts. Happy Days also offers a fine selection of desserts, including freshly baked brownies, banana splits, brownie sundaes and milkshakes.

Students can take advantage of the Hamburger special that is available 12-3 p.m. Monday-Thursday, which includes a hamburger, fries and drink for only $5.99.

Fox explains why CBU students would enjoy the Happy Days Diner.

“They will enjoy it for the theme,” Fox said. “It’s just a fun place. We’ve been getting so many returning customers coming back because they love the theme and music. It’s just a fun place to be and eat. It’s like sitting back in the ‘50s.”

Since its opening, Happy Days has accumulated many returning customers that have reviewed the food and atmosphere very highly.

“It really encourages my family and I to keep going,” Fox said. “This is a family-owned business, and everyone is into it and loving every bit of it. And, of course, seeing the customers come back is the cherry on top.”

Happy Days is open Monday- Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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