July 25, 2024


First, tell us, what is ASCBU?


ASCBU is an organization that provides services to students. It is our student government, but we are concentrating more on being a helpful provider of necessities to students.

What sort of necessities do you provide?

We provide office supplies that students can use, including pens, staplers and the like. We also provide free printouts. Students can come print up to ten pages a day, which is not offered anywhere else. We make posters. We are also emphasizing a campaign that promotes scripture memorization. Students can bring a particular passage or verse, we will print it out, laminate it and they can put it in their shower and memorize it as they bathe.

Can you tell us about your role as ASCBU President. What are some of your main responsibilities?

I have been put in charge of the governing body that includes senators and the executive council. I am also the student representative for the Board of Trustees. I see myself as the person that represents ASCBU and students see my face and they know to come to me if they have questions about student government.

What is your main goal in representing the student body this year?

I want to increase communication between the students and their elected officials. We don’t necessarily need to be the people that come up with the ideas but the people that hear the ideas. Students have great things that they want to accomplish and we can provide assistance.

What activities do you have planned for the students?

We are in the process of creating a Battle of the Bands event for late October. We are inviting students to put bands together and play cover music. We think that students want to hear some of their favorite songs at the event and we are encouraging some of the bands that participate to make that happen.

Tell us about some of your other interests or activities that you participate in on-campus?

I am the sports editor of “The Banner” and I also am the sideline reporter for CBU men’s and women’s basketball. I follow politics and what is going on with the economy because I like to know where my money is going.

You spent a semester in Washington, DC. Why did you go there and what was it like?

I went there to learn as much about Journalism as I could. I interned at “The Hill” newspaper and was given the opportunity to cover Capitol Hill as a reporter. I also took journalism classes that helped me understand both what it means to be a Christian and a journalist.

What are some of your hopes for post-graduate life?

Right now, I plan on attending law school. Whether that’s immediately after I graduate or a couples of years beyond is up to the Lord. In the long run, I would like to cover politics as a journalist. I am interested in broadcast media and would also like to cover the Supreme Court.

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