December 8, 2023
Students do more than just eat in Wanda’s Cafe.

While both new and returning students settle into the fall semester at California Baptist University, a common question is, where are the on-campus hot spots?


Alumni Dining Commons


Known for its delicious buffet featuring a variety of menu choices, the ADC is a hot spot where many students can be found. The top quality food and wonderful service is sure to satisfy any student with an appetite after a long day of classes.


“I often like to meet up with friends at the Caf because it is a place to enjoy great food and good conversation,” Whitney Keep, senior, said. “I also used to enjoy Thursdays at the Caf since it was known to have the best mac ’n’ cheese.”


Annie Gabriel Library


Although the Annie Gabriel Library may not sound like a hot spot, it should be considered one. The library provides access to several printed and electronic resources. It is a great place to take a break from on-campus madness and invest in valuable studying time. Students can check out books, fax, print, photocopy and more. The two-story building contains useful information for any upcoming assignments that require certain databases, journals or catalogs. Especially during finals week, CBU students can be found studying there.


Wanda’s Café


Located on campus as a place to relax, catch up with friends or meet new people is, Wanda’s Café. Wanda’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a comfortable coffeehouse environment. Since it offers to-go or dine-in choices, it typically appeals to commuters. This gives commuters a way to grab food on their way to class or a place to take a break from working.


“As a commuter, Wanda’s is my typical spot to hang out between classes,” Joseph Lucas, sophomore, said. “I enjoy the fact that it is a spot I not only meet up with friends but also meet fellow commuters.”


Game Room


Looking for a fun place to play games or find out information on upcoming on-campus events? The game room provides information for Fall/Spring Semester intramural sports, annual tournaments and Outdoor Adventure activities to any student interested in signing up. This hot spot contains ping pong tables, pool tables and much more for students to enjoy their free time.


Marc Hope and Brian Ahn are two friends that have enjoyed playing the most popular game there: ping pong.


“It’s a place to hang out, have fun and relax before we have to go die at practice,” Ahn, junior, said.


Since the game room fills up with students willing to challenge any opponent, it makes for a great spot to make new friends and have a good time away from work or studies. If interested in knowing about any upcoming events during the school year, be sure to check out the game room.

Brisco’s Café

One other hot spot is CBU’s newest restaurant, Brisco’s Café. The menu at Brisco’s is made to-go and is specialized for both on-campus students and commuters. It features a lounge and patio areas, creating the perfect setting for those who need a break or a spot to meet with friends after a long day. Since Brisco’s stays open the latest, students who are up late studying with an appetite for a late night snack can find their needs answered here.

“Brisco’s has a great atmosphere and seems more to my convenience since I can grab my food to go and head to class faster,” Cyril-Jan Lacuesta, freshman, said. “I followed a crowd of people during orientation and said I’m going to eat here now.”

Front Lawn

Though many of the other places listed above are well-known, most have overlooked a big area of the school located right out front. The huge green grass lawn has grabbed some students’ attention regardless of whether an event is held there at the time. CBU students are known to work out, lay out and read and play games.

“The homecoming carnival that Cal Baptist has each year has been one of my best memories on the front lawn, by far,” Alex Morales, sophomore, said. “I was able to meet a lot of new people while having a great time with all the activities they had set up. At night, my roommates and I go clear our minds and run because it is peaceful and refreshing.”

Basketball/Volleyball Courts

Last is a spot located across from Mission Hall. Students are known to go to the basketball or volleyball courts at night, ready to relieve stress and enjoy good company amongst fellow students. Generally, weekends around 9 p.m. are the most active.

“I like to go out on the weekend and play volleyball because it is a popular sport and I have also been able to meet new people that are so welcoming to play a game with,” Manny Martinez, junior, said.

Whether dining in, on the go or have a few hours to kill, consider checking out any of these hot spots.




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