December 2, 2023

Bryant Jarbo -- Jake McLeish rides the wives when not attending classes.

Bryant Jarbo -- Jake McLeish rides the wives when not attending classes.

Earth is a diversified planet that can be unified through hobbies.

The world is filled with innumerable amounts of people that are distinguished by different cultures, values and morals. According to World Atlas, there are approximately 6.9 billion people in the world today. Out of this sum amount there are 194 cultures. Based on the numbers in the past, the population of the world is increasing. So how is it possible to bring unity in this globally diversified planet?

One particular way is through surfing.

When asked to describe the art of surfing, Senior, Jordan Brown said, “A bunch of people who really like to have fun. It is really just chasing something that is supernatural.”

There is something about sports that brings people together. Whether it is from the countless hours spent together or seeing potential in the moments of weakness of a teammate, unity is bred through these situations. Though surfing is a one-man sport, it still has the power to bring unity all over the world.

“Surfing has been used as a way to talk to someone, start a conversation or get to know them better,” Senior, Christopher Cox said.

Cox and Brown both participated in the International Service Project this past summer where they traveled to the Pacific Rim and minisitered to people through surfing.

 The surfing community has a unique way of bringing people together from all regions of the world. A simple verbal or nonverbal acknowledgement can quickly turn into a friendship. Though it is not always easy to keep a conversation while in the water, there is still a recognizable level of respect.

“We live completely different ways of life but at the same point we eat, drink, sleep and surf. The earth is huge and at some point God is the God not only of Americans but every culture,” Cox said.

The beauty of surfing is that no matter where a person goes to catch a wave, there is acceptance regardless of the culture. There are no barriers, not even languages can keep surfers from creating a community.

“It gives you a common thing to bring back to America. It is all different but it brings you together with all the other cultures,” Senior, Daniel Freitas said.

However, there are certain exceptions due to unpleasant experiences with foreigners.

“Sometimes it is hostile because there are things that have happened to them due to the poor choices that tourists have made in the past,” Brown said.

Despite the fact that there are a few instances which may keep people from opening up to outsiders, there are greater odds of being connected. Though there is uncertainty in what to expect from an unfamiliar culture, it is a great way to learn about other lifestyles.

“It is cool to see outside of where you have grown up, how different people live, the culture, geography and landscape aspects. More than that it is cool to go back home and appreciate what you have,” Brown said.

It does not matter what the roots of a surfer are because through the ride of waves they are made equal. After surfing in foreign cultures and gaining knowledge of their traditions and values, it is visible to see how people are alike even though they are oceans apart.

Brown expressed his belief of how surfing is a true global community.

“It is cool getting to see both worlds in the California Baptist University community and abroad because you are able to relate them and see how we are all people when you break it down. Even though we all come from different backgrounds and beliefs, it is neat to be able to bridge that together to build a relationship,” Brown said.

The surfing community is constantly growing as the enrollment number increases yearly. With more students there is bound to be more surfers who expand their surfing community with other students on campus, “It was not until coming to CBU that I really began surfing due to the connections that I made with other surfers here on campus,” senior, Aaron Wagner said.

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