April 12, 2024
Steven Anderson -- Facebook users log in and find new changes to the social networking site on a daily basis.

As people become familiar with Facebook applications and new changes made, there are always improvements and more changes that confuse them. Here are a few of the newest additions introduced by Facebook .


Facebook organized the chatting features. They launched new messages, which bring together not only chats and messages but also texts and emails.

The chat sidebar was also redesigned to include a list of friends users chat with most. When the size of the browser is large enough, the side bar automatically appears.

Originally only messages could be sent privately to more than one person. However, multi-chatting is now available.

Facebook also kicked chatting up a notch by partnering with Skype and making video chatting possible as well.


Facebook released an app specifically for messaging. The app was released for iPhone and Android. The app allows users to view their whole chats, emails, messages and texts regardless of whether on the web or phone.

The app lets users send messages to contacts in their phones as well. In addition, users can send photos and tag their locations.


A new game ticker was added to the side of game play pages. This ticker allows users to see what games friends are playing and what they are doing in these games. Users can control which of their games are shown to friends.

According to Facebook’s blog, game screen sizes were increased so users “can have a more immersive experience”

Users can bookmark their favorite games in the bookmark bar on their homepages for easy access.


Facebook changed its sharing options to allow users to filter what can be seen when they post. Users can choose to share their profiles and what they post with the public, their friends or even customize to monitor what people see.


According to Facebook’s blog “over 250 million photos uploaded each day, sharing pictures is one of the most popular activities on Facebook.”

Facebook made pictures bigger (720 pixels to 960 pixels) and made accessing pictures quicker. The pictures already on a user’s profile are now seen in higher resolution.

The new viewing interface gives more focus to the photos rather than the framing around them, which makes it easier to view photos.

There is a new setting that requires user’s approval before tagged pictures are allowed to appear on their profiles. This also requires users to approve when others tag their pictures.


Friend lists have been updated to not just include “most recent updates” and “top news”. Users can now organize their friends into lists such as “closest friends”, “family”, “acquaintances” and even customize their feeds to be set up according to what they want to see. Smart lists create themselves and customize according to the things users have in common with their friends.

Update feeds have been split into two different sections. Users still have their main feeds showing most recent updates. However, a new feed has been added to the top right corner of the home page to show more specific and precise updates including likes, new friendships and wall posts.


Facebook placed subscribe buttons on friends’ and others’ profiles. These buttons allow users to choose what they see, hear from people who are not friends, and let others who are not their friends hear from them.

Users can set the amount of updates they receive in their newsfeeds as well as what types.

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