March 3, 2024

Chris Hofschroer is busy creating community on campus.

Chris Hofschroer is busy creating community on campus.

You are director of Community Life. What does a usual day look like for you?


There is no usual day for me. It depends on what is going on: orientation, intramurals, twirp week. It just depends. Usually, though, it starts off with a cup of coffee, time with my staff, lots of meetings in the morning, event planning in the afternoon, or something going on at night. Busy. That is usually how it is.


If you could give CBU any gift, what would it be?


I would give CBU lit athletic facilities for every sport: baseball, soccer, water polo, tennis, and a rec center for the students. Something all the students can use on a daily basis.


You have a two year old son, what is your favorite thing about being a dad?


Well, I could tell you it is definitely not the diapers or lack of sleep. I love it when I get home from work and my son runs to the door and is so excited to see me. Every night praying with him and me and my wife sit down and talk with him and tell him why we’re proud of him and what he can work on.


How long have you and your wife been married?


My wife and I just celebrated seven years. We met here at CalBaptist in computer class, which sounds really nerdy. We dated for two and a half years, got married and the rest is history.


Where is home for you?


Riverside is home for me. I grew up in Huntington Beach and moved up to Northern California for high school, which was a big switch because I made the Huntington surf team two weeks before I was going to start at Huntington High, then moved to Vacaville, which seriously has a rodeo team. So I went from surf city to hick town. Ya, Riverside is definitely home for me now.


Do you have any advice for current CBU students?


Take advantage of every opportunity. Life outside of college is awesome and rewarding and wonderful, but life will never be like it was in college. Take advantage of the unique situation you are in and just experience life to the fullest and take advantage of everything CBU has to offer.


How was your ISP trip to East Africa this summer? High points and low points?


The low point would be that I got deathly ill. I ended up getting an amoeba. I was sick from the second day we were there until a week and a half after we got back. It was really, really bad. Other than that, I would not change a whole lot.


The high point would be that I led the team with my wife, and so because I got so sick, I got to watch my wife really lead our team and I really got to watch a couple students step up to the plate and lead also. I always knew my wife was a phenomenal woman, but getting to watch her lead the students was such a great gift to watch.


What is the hardest thing about your job?


The long hours and late nights. Sometimes I have to sacrifice time with my friends and family, but CBU is such a great place to work because there is a lot of events that I have to be here late night for, but my wife and kid can come too, so that is nice. Also, trying to meet the every need and wants of the students, because everyone is so diverse and wants different things my job is to create a community and try to get everyone involved is a challenge. It is awesome, though. I love it. I look forward to Mondays which is a rare thing to come across.


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