March 3, 2024
Brothers, Sam and Tom Truax, roam CBU halls together.

Usually when a college student leaves home to begin the next step of their academic journey on a university campus they leave their siblings behind. Every once in a while though, families are reunited when siblings go to school together.


I enrolled at California Baptist University for the Spring 2008 semester. I was a transfer freshman and had to learn about the CBU community on my own.


Fast-forward to Fall 2011: My senior year and my brother’s freshman year.


There are many sets of siblings here on the CBU campus, such as the Wilkinson family, the Price family, and the Tucker family. Having a brother around, however, can definitely be a new experience.


Josh and Jeremy Atkinson are a pair of twin brothers that have been at CBU for quite a while. I asked them if there was anything I can learn from them about what it is like to have your brother around on campus.


“At first, we got on each others nerves because we were always around each other, but after a while we now have different schedules, we can finally stand living in the same room.” said Josh Atkinson.


Jeremy Atkinson agrees, “We fight every now and then, but that’s what brothers do, but, I would miss him a lot if we didn’t go to school together.”


Having a brother so close by would naturally bring back that “sibling rivalry,” but the college environment puts a different spin on things. Both Jeremy and Josh have always had the be the better twin mentality but according to Jeremy, “it’s not as much as it used to be.”


Having your brother around means that some is always there to have your back and will be there to help you grow.


CJ Lacuesta reflects on his decision to enroll at CBU. “I saw how you (AJ) have grown in Christ because of CBU, and I wanted that for myself. I really wanted to experience that Christian environment, it’s something that I haven’t had before,” Lacuesta said.


When asked if there was any pressure about following in his older brother’s footsteps, Lacuesta said, “I don’t feel any pressure, I am not trying to live up to other people’s expectations, I just try to live up to how God wants me to live.”


As I look back at my time at CBU, I am grateful for the friends who have helped me not only discover myself, but also rediscover a passionate love for Jesus. I know that my siblings have similar people in their lives and that is something unique to CBU.


I am glad that I can have at least one year to share with my brother. I know that this kind of experience is shared by a lucky few.


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