October 3, 2023

Pro by Sharayah Le Leux

Technology overall is a great addition to our every day life. While some use it out of convenience, others may use it out of necessity. Although, technology has been created to aid in discoveries as well as learning, its use can sometimes get out of hand.

Internet – the Internet is a marvelous invention, which allows a plethora of activities to ensue. Whether that is social networking, locating information or even creating new information. The Internet benefits the population by allowing information to be accessed instantaneously. Google is slowly taking over the Internet, and most people turn to it for answers rather than going out and finding the answer themselves out of convenience.

Phones – Phones are starting to become smarter, so smart they can almost be seen as mini computers which can be kept at hand most of the time. Phones allow people to be accessible anywhere at any time, whether it is formally or informally. Text messaging allows communication to be quick or extensive, and in a sense they tend to be informal considering the lack of grammar and spelling structure regular writing offers. They are short messages that can be sent from you to a friend

Social Networks – Social networks can be lived on, a whole person’s life can be spent looking at others and writing about the self. The nature of the stars, a person can become their own personal celebrity. The danger of this very showy and simple explanation can tip the scale of narcissism.

The beauty of technology is its convenience. Although, it is convenient it should not become something one is dependent on. This is because once that phone, computer or whatever sort of technology fails, what is left and how does it affect one’s living?

Con by Mark Norton

Technology, specifically the mobile phone and the computer, are so new that the ways of dealing with them in different situations has not come to a standard. My stance on the use of these two is of not full acceptance, but I still use them as tools to communicate over distance and for convenience. Standing on the side that likes to use them to a minimum and rather have personal meaningful contact with others. Being able to separate oneself away from technology leaves time to contemplate and think away from distractions.

Internet – The Internet is a substantial tool that a student and people should be able to use but the potential for harm of said person and others is very high. The amount of use can be highly attractive because of all the thing’s that it can do:  it almost has an addictive quality. When you have a question do you ask someone the answer, or do you go look it up in a book? Most of the time the convenience and closeness of the answer is a few clicks away; this is the appeal of the Internet.

Phones – The smart phone has even more avenues for a person to use it, and places to, for example: e-mail to phone, Facebook , Twitter, Games etc. The meaningful conversation of face-to -face communication can become easily distracted with this new opening of the phone . Also, text messaging can act like tid-bits of information that is more distraction than good.

Social Networks – Facebook and Twitter have become a great way to stay in touch with family, friends and loved ones as well as create brands. In this day in age is getting their information from the Internet and businesses are realizing they are missing a whole other target audience by not being available online. By having an online presence the public can find information about businesses much easier.

Whatever the purpose for technology may be, it is not something that should get in the way of the one and true; the wisdom of the Lord must be used to see the potential harm and danger technology could cause.


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