October 1, 2023
AJ Lacuesta -- Intramural participant serves it up on one of three volleyball courts in the Van Dyne Gymnasium.

California Baptist University students may see changes in this year’s intramural volleyball league, but recreational sports maintained the same goal from previous years, which is to have fun.

Intramural volleyball is consistent each year. This year, there are significant changes: the team has grown to 46, brackets and the division between competitive and recreational teams are gone and the time and game days are different. Teams play on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. instead of9p.m.to12a.m.

Students that participate in intramural sports enjoy several benefits. It reduces stress and gives them a chance to enjoy a sport they normally do not play. It also allows them to unleash their competitive sides in a team-oriented atmosphere.

Levi Molina and Justin Giammalva of The Honey Badgers enjoy participating in intramural volleyball.

“I enjoy playing volleyball and I wanted to spend time with my friends. I like the competition and the community it creates,” Giammalva said.

“I love volleyball and wanted to play,” Molina said. “Having referees makes it feel organized.”

Along with participation, competition has grown as well. Team Swagger, who won the championship

last year, and Team Wolfpack return this year as teams to beat. There are also new teams with high skill levels to fuel the competition.

Although there are standing rivalries, most teams participate for fun. Giammalva admitted his team is not a top contender but participates for the enjoyment of the game.

“There are some great teams, and then there are some teams like ours, the Honey Badgers, who are there just for fun,” Giammalva said.

“Our team is not very good compared to the competition. There are some good teams,” Molina said.

Jacob Woodhead, head of volleyball for recreational sports, knows talent, or the lack thereof, on the court.

“We have a team called interpretive dance. They are hilarious to watch,” Woodhead said. “Last time, they came out in a cape and tights and messed around the whole time. They are really funny. Sometimes, we get those teams that are fun to watch.”

What also differentiates volleyball from other intramural sports is its being co-ed. Since volleyball is not a high contact sport, Woodhead says it makes being co-ed fun.

“It lessens the intensity of the sport and allows more fun because, with co- ed, we generally don’t get an all-male team with guys going crazy,” Woodhead said. “It also works because it lessens the intensity just enough so everyone can have fun and community is built.”

Interpretive Dance member Cameron Malchow owns up to his team’s spastic reputation, because for him its a stress-reliever that is welcomed come game-time.

Malchow said, “Intramural volleyball is a stress reliever because usually Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days and at the end of the day it’s fun just goof around and play volleyball with my friends. We don’t really care if we win, we just play and jump and hit the ball. It’s fun”.

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