May 23, 2024

Winter is finally here, and it is time for sunshine lovers to face the harsh reality of rain and cold breezes. Bring out those old, knitted sweaters and scarves Grandma made.

Knit wear is taking over this winter season, appearing in dresses, scarves, socks, gloves, headbands and beanies. Knit is an acceptable fabric element this season because of the chunky style and elaborate threading.

Not only do they retain heat in icy weather, they are a stylish way to accessorize.

This is a fashion statement women borrowed from men. Some call them “grandpa sweaters,” but these comfortable, cozy sweaters are big hits for winter.

Pairing a knitted cable sweater with leggings or skinny jeans and boots will keep women warm and cozy. Whoever said they could not look their best in winter fashion was wrong.

Do not fear frostbite on ears this winter. A knitted beanie keeps the head warm during breezy days and is perfect for both men and women. Oversized knitted beanies are popular at Forever 21 and H&M.

Knitted headbands for women can also be found next to beanies. Headbands with intricate braids or flower embellishments add pizazz. Wearing hair down straight or in loose waves gives women a hipster look, while donning the headband.

Another commonly appearing is knitted socks paired with boots, reminiscent of the days when legwarmers were used in ’80s cardio exercises.

Either short or long, depending on the boot, men and women can find every length or even footless socks to pair with boots, keeping feet extra warm.

The knitted scarf is a winter staple. Calling it a new trend is misleading, for having a knitted scarf is the key to surviving a cold winter.

The infinity scarf, which is circular rather than having two ends, is popular this season, for there is no worrying about one side being longer than the other or tying a particular knot. A infinity scarf can be thrown around the neck so women can be on their way.

Remember: Always layer. Especially with knitted items, men and women will not only conserve heat, they will also show off their own signature styles.

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