February 23, 2024
Amanda Johnson -- Approximately 450 students met with their ISP and USP teams for the first time.

Approximately 450 students made their way into Sherman Indian High School Wednesday night to find out their International Service Project destination.

The room was filled to the brim with team participants and parents of the students. The night began with a time of singing to God. The logistics of the ISP trips were discussed and then the much anticipated reveal fllowed.

During the logistics part of the event, participants were told the theme of this year’s service projects is “One.” The theme “One,” goes with this year’s verse which is Ephesians 4:4-6, which tells us that there is of one body of Christ, one Lord, one baptism and there is one God.

With Ephesians 4 still hanging in everyone’s thoughts, members of the Office of Mobilization discussed, in detail, the facts of fundraising, immunizations, and of safety and security while in closed countries.

Some students took note and others flipped through a white, 3-ring binder that held pages of each topic addressed.

One of the most inspiring observations made was that ISP and USP, “are discipleship programs, not a sending program,” Kristen White, director of global mobilization said. “What a lot of programs like ours will do is send you, but not train you… that’s what sets us apart.”

After much patience and anxiety, students were led out of the main sanctuary to designated areas according to the color was represented on their Uno game cards, handed out upon entrance to the event. Once in each appropriate spot, each team was then revealed by the number or symbol on the participants’ cards.

An explosion of screaming, laughter and excited joy rocked the building as teams were finally put together and recognized. The rest of the night was then devoted to each of the teams’ meeting and fellowship.

Delaia Frederico, freshman and first time ISP participant said that when her team had been revealed to her, she felt “a mix of emotions.” She was “nervous, happy, and a little in shock, like, ‘wow, I’m actually going.’” she said.

“I hope that we can become close and trust each other as we meet next semester,” Frederico said. “I’m very excited.”

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