February 27, 2024

Eco-conscious readers will soon have a new and unique way to charge their Kindle e-reader as they soak up the sun’s rays this summer.

SolarFocus, a company that produces products that make use of solar energy, released, Jan.15, the long-awaited SolarKindle. This new product is a case for Amazon’s popular e-reader that uses solar energy to charge the device’s battery. The product costs $79 and can be bought on the company’s website.

According to the SolarKindle’s website, the case uses a solar panel on the front to collect solar energy and also features a LED light for indoor reading.

The website also claims that one hour in direct sunlight will charge the Kindle to provide power for around three days.

Currently, the cheapest Kindle on the market is the same price as the case itself. Also, according to Amazon.com, most Kindles have a battery life that can last from one to three months (depending on a variety of factors) and take only three hours to fully charge.

The SolarKindle makes use of renewable energy and is ideal for travelers who might like to pack one less power chord.

Kindle users looking to lessen their impact on the environment or who enjoy long reads outside will find that the SolarKindle is a good investment.

The case itself does not add a considerable amount of bulk to the slim, minimalistic design of the Kindle, but it still increases the size of the e-reader, more so than normal Kindle cases, due to the inclusion of the LED light.

The case only works with the Kindle 4; it is not compatible with the new Kindle Fire and will not fit Kindles that have a keyboard, severely limiting the amount of Kindle owners who can use the SolarKindle.

The Kindle is already popular for its e-ink technology that cuts down on glare and eyestrain by eliminating a back-lit screen. The SolarKindle is an interesting addition to the world of energy-conscious electronics and of interest to environmentally minded readers.

The joys of reading outside can now be almost infinitely extended for the SolarKindle but whether or not this unique case will be embraced by the e-reading community as a whole has yet to be seen.

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