March 25, 2023
Jacob Armstrong -- Finding the balance between books and technology can be a difficult task for students.

Technology is a prevalent part of the learning process in today’s society.

Below is a list of the pros and cons of having a technology-based learning atmosphere:


Convenience: In general, technology has become a staple in today’s society. For teachers, it is easy to have students complete particular activities in class with the World Wide Web at their fingertips.

Speed: The Internet is fast. Students can complete projects without leaving their desks. With a few simple strokes of the keyboard, they have the information and tools necessary to complete most schoolwork.

Environment: Using online databases and email have allowed schools to significantly reduce the amount of paper that is used. Students can take notes on laptops and even turn in assignments via online programs like the Blackboard Learning Management System.

Research enticement: Allowing students to use the internet, something with which they are familiar and comfortable, makes research more exciting. They can browse online newspapers and even include videos as a part of their research.

Ailments: When students become sick, technology allows them to use their time efficiently so they are less likely to fall behind in school. This is especially helpful with students who have learning disabilities.


Dependence: Students can easily become useless without their computers. The convenience of search engines and spell check may hinder them in situations in which they are not available.

Impatience: Students are accustomed to the speed at which they find resources and answers. When slower methods are employed, students can become impatient.

Inability to use other forms: There is a significant lack of experience in research using methods other than the internet. Students have become less proficient in conducting research within their respective libraries.

Distractions: Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can be distracting while using a computer to do homework.

Excuses: Because it is easy to not fall behind and catch up with schoolwork using Blackboard, it is easier for students to make excuses for missing class.

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