January 31, 2023

College is where we go to school, live, eat and overall spend the majority of a portion of our lives. The tedious action of going to class can ware a student down, so here are some great hang out spots to help get your mind off the mundane matters of school.

There are many places on the campus and even off campus close by that are great hang out spots. While these are well-known favorites for some, not everyone knows about these hot spots which are ideal for studying or enjoying down time.

If you are looking for a social vibe, Wanda’s is the place. Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and until 7 p.m. Fridays, it is often packed with professors and students alike. It has a coffee house vibe, and the food is always fresh. Whether you want to eat, study, meet up with friends or enjoy the atmosphere, Wanda’s will fit the needs of a typical CBU hang out.

The front lawn is an unexpected, yet popular hang out for students. The lawn is popular just about any time when the sun is out. Students tend to bring Brisco’s, a blanket and homework as they make their way out front to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The front lawn provides a choice; one can enjoy alone time or make it a group event.

The game room is probably the most obvious spot where students go to mingle with each other but for good reason. There is always something to do in the game room. You can play multiple games ranging from foosball to table tennis, purchase multiple tickets and items at discounted prices. You can never go wrong passing time in the game room.

If you decide to venture off campus there are three Starbucks locations less than 10 minutes away from school. The first is on the corner of Tyler St. and Magnolia Ave. Another is located on the intersection of Arlington and Indiana, as well as near Madison Ave. and Arlington Ave. in the Hardman Shopping Center. None of these coffee shops require using the freeway to find.

Another place off campus is downtown Riverside. Off Market St., many visit the historical Mission Inn or study in the Riverside Library. There are antique stores, bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops, all of which are ideal locations for off-campus hang outs.

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