February 27, 2024

Being healthy is more than just physical fitness and appearance. Total health touches on every aspect of a person, inside and out.


To be mentally healthy, your mind has to be clear and focused. A mind that is sharp and alert will function intellectually.

Unlike emotions, a stable mind will make rational decisions based on logic and understanding of the situation.

Not having proper mental health may cloud common sense and abilities to create and learn. It may also make it more difficult to handle stress correctly.

There are many ways to strengthen mental health. According to Improve Health Info, being strong-willed and learning how to balance emotions are ways to stimulate mental health. Physical fitness also plays a big part in mental well-being.


Emotional health revolves around what someone feels about themselves and others, as well as successes and failures. Someone who has strong emotional health reaps many benefits.

According to the American Psychological Association, “newer research reveals that happy people are more likely to work toward goals and attract others with optimism and success.”

When emotionally unhealthy, feelings of sadness, anger and disappointment can interfere with our mental stability as well.

“Do things that make you happy and things you should be doing, like [homework, working out and other responsibilities],” Brittany Blankenship, junior, said.

Taking care of things that need to be done assists in keeping stress levels down and optimism high. Make time for fun activities or time for yourself.

Once you feel your mental health taking a dip, it’s difficult to fix. There may be underlying problems and situations you may not even be aware of that harm your emotional state.

If possible, the first thing to do is try to pinpoint what is troubling you. Look for when you suddenly become angry, sad or irritated and find a pattern. Since emotions are personal, prayer is always a foolproof way to change your emotional state and mentality.

Another way to help get your emotions on track is to find something positive about what’s getting you down.

There may always be a chance that lack of emotional stability is deeper than the surface. California Baptist University offers free counseling to students, and its counselors are always available to talk or help.


Social health involves the way someone plays their role in society and their involvement in someone else’s life. This involves maintaining healthy relationships with others as well as strangers.

“I think social health is very important because you need people and friends around you to keep the mental, physical, and emotional part of you healthy also,” Katelyn Garmon, senior, said.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is a sure way to ensure healthy social health. Having friends to confide in and support you will also benefit your emotional health.

According to “Science Daily,” “The quality of a person’s social life could have an even greater impact than diet and exercise on their health and well-being. There is growing evidence that being a member of a social group can significantly reduce the risk of conditions like stroke, dementia and even the common cold.”

Making time for yourself and friends is extremely important, no matter how busy you are. By doing this, you will raise your mood and confidence, helping you tackle other obstacles you face.


A healthy spiritual life acknowledges a belief in God and keeping one’s morals and values a main reference to everyday decisions and attitudes.

As Christians, our relationship and walk with God fuels our life and its purpose. Having a strong relationship with Christ will make all hardships seem miniature with the knowledge that His power is so much greater.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you,” Matthew 6:33 [KJV].

This verse shows us that, as long as we seek the kingdom of God above all else, our purpose and life satisfaction will fall into place.


Breaking a sweat regularly and eating right are great ways to relieve stress and build self-esteem. Keeping your body physically healthy can prevent illness, diabetes, obesity and other health problems that come with age or heredity.

“I like to beaware of what I eat and realize it effects your body in some way or another,” Katelyn Garmon, senior, said.

Like a puzzle, these five aspects of health fit together to achieve complete and total health.

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