February 27, 2024

With the pressure to be the size of a Victoria’s Secret super model, some Americans have become consumed with diet fads that truly do not work.

The alluring advertisements of diet plans, pills, and supplements distract the consumer from the potential harmful chemicals they are injecting into their bodies.

The fat-free diet has gained an immense amount of popularity as people are now convinced that purchasing fat-free products will bring them to their weight loss goal. However, these foods are often filled with more sugar and empty calories than products without the fat-free label.

Another new fad in weight loss are diet gadgets. Items, such as the Lap Belt, are said to result in rock hard abs by simply wrapping it around the waist and flipping the on switch.

As one might presume, this is another fad that does not produce results. In order to achieve real results, one must exercise the entire body rather than one concentrated area.

Dexatrim, TrimSpa, and Hydroxycut, are just a few of the names of weight loss pills that guarantee customer satisfaction. However, on a recent episode of Dr. Oz, these specific diet pills were said to not work.

People have bought into the idea that one can substitute their daily intake of food with a couple of pills a day. Though producing results at first, once one weans off of the pill, the weight is instantly gained back.

Containing stimulants, such as caffeine, weight loss pills can lead to an increase in heart rate or even insomnia.

The FDA has issued a warning to people that stop using Hydroxycut after 23 individual suffered from various medical complications as a result of using this product.

Dieting, in general, has been said to result in weight gain rather than weight loss.

A recent study conducted by UCLA proves that diets can lead one to losing 5 to 10 percent of their starting weight in the first six months, but eventually dieters revert back to old eating habits.

But why is this? What about dieting does not produce long term results?

ScienceDaily reported recent discovers regarding the negative effects dieting has on the brain. As a result of not eating, the brain begins to go into ‘self-cannibalism’ mode and actually begins to eat itself.

The brain as well as the body must be nourished in order to function properly and burn calories. Scientists have found that a high protein, low carbohydrate diet cuts out unwanted calories and supplies the body with the proper fats and nutrients it needs.

In an attempt to achieve a healthy weight, Americans are oftentimes unknowingly injecting harmful chemicals into their bodies, resulting in long-term health complications.

Rather, people should focus on fueling and hydrating their bodies with the appropriate vitamins and nutrients necessary for it to perform at its very best.

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