March 25, 2023

Staying hydrated is one of the most simple but vital things a person can do in an attempt to stay healthy. Whether viewed as a flavorless, boring drink or one of great refreshment, water is among the essentials of life and must be consumed by every living creature.

People often make the mistake of drinking unhealthy beverages like soda, juice and caffeinated drinks because they believe the water within will properly hydrate them, but these choices often have the reverse effect on the body and cause dehydration.

Drinking the long recommended eight glasses of pure water every day is the best way to keep the body hydrated.

Staying hydrated has proven to be crucial in keeping a person healthy. According to Brita Water Company, which started The Brita Challenge to promote hydration, drinking water supports well-being and also helps maintain clear skin, smooth and ageless.

Staying hydrated also promotes organ health. According to Natural Health magazine, “Drinking plenty of water is essential for good health — it nourishes cells, flushes toxins from your system and helps keep all your vital organs running smoothly.”

By keeping organs healthy, the odds of experiencing other health complications like kidney stones and constipation are also decreased.

Water is also a great weight loss tool. Drinking a glass or two before a meal is known to suppress appetite, which curbs overeating.

While drinking water is the most direct way of staying hydrated, it is not the only method. In order to retain water in your cells, Prevention magazine suggests eating raw fruits and vegetables because of their antioxidants and fibers that help retain water.

An example of the importance of hydration is found within a recent incident on the 11th season of the hit FOX Broadcasting Company, American Idol.

On Idol, contestant Symone Zaire Black collapsed off the stage after performing for the judges. While receiving her critiques and explaining her song choice, Black began to stumble and subsequently fell.

The network medics rushed to see if Black was injured. Before advancing to the next round, Black was taken to the hospital for tests. It was found that Symone was suffering from dehydration and slight malnourishment.

The incident on American Idol and many others are avoidable simply by staying hydrated.

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