May 23, 2024

One of the biggest weights one can carry on campus is an emotional one. That feeling of not wanting or willing to do work, to study, to open a book or sometimes even go to class.

Apathy can easily turn a week’s worth of homework, into a night full of scrambling to get everything done before the next morning, when it is all due bright and early.

Unfortunately, apathy is highly contagious and spreads at the speed of light.

So how does this impact students at California Baptist University?

With apathy comes laziness, and not caring about what needs to get done accomplishes just that, nothing. Studying does not get done, papers do not get written until the night before and it means that students acquire bad habits for themselves. Students end up slacking off, procrastinating and put their grades on the line.

“I just put a little work into it” freshmen Patrick McGinnis said. “If there is a paper due, I’ll just put two or three hours into it the day before and I’ll get a good grade.”

“Trying to work is hard, it is just too easy to do nothing and be lazy,” McGinnis said.

Though any voice of reason pleading students to actually care about anything might sound like something professors and parents say in an attempt to get students feel motivated to do something, in some cases it can be a very serious matter.

With a bad habit such as apathy, what motivation will a student have to do any work? And if students do not care for doing small amounts of work that professors might assign, what will happen when they have a large amount?

This lack of motivation means more than homework left undone, but future implications are on the line. As the campaigns for the upcoming election continue, college students have the opportunity to take action and vote for whom they believe will benefit the country the most.

But in order to do so, that means the person voting should at least feel some sort of emotion either toward a certain candidate, political party or at least feel something for the nation and its well being.

The Census Bureau released the 2010 census information, stating that out of those enrolled as undergraduates at the time, 27% of both male and female students combined reported voting in the last election.

Consequences do not just apply to the classroom and outside world but to the body as well.

According the National Center for Bio-technical Information, apathy can often be related to, and even lead to depression, both of which can greatly decrease the quality of life.

But how can one overcome the lack of desire or care? Why is it that though there is work to be done, whether it be studying, homework or actual work does not seem to be enough to motivate?

An easy and simple way is not always obvious, but there are several things that can be done depending on the individual.

By trying to glorify God through actions and emotions, apathy and the laziness that follows can be overcome.

“It has been one of my motivations,” McGinnis said. “that I better glorify God through what I do.”

Through finding something to give meaning to meaningless tasks, apathy can be fought and a healthier lifestyle can be attained.

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