May 25, 2024

As September nears, so does the phrase, “back to school.” As if rent, textbooks and meals plans are not enough to get a California Baptist University student started, you cannot forget about the list below.

$ indicates cost of item

$ 5 dollars or less | $$ 15 dollars or more | $$$ 40 dollars or more | $$$$ 150 dollars and up

1. New Pens

Pens are still a back to school must for students. Anything from Sharpie pens to the classic blue BIC pens. Don’t believe how important the pens are? Wait until the third day of class when someone asks to borrow one.  $

2. USB Flash Drive

Computer and printer problems are as normal and expected in college as midterms, so prepare for the worst and get a USB Flash drive. It allows students to save projects and move from one computer to the next for printing out vital papers and projects when in a bind. $ – $$

3. Reusable Water Bottle

CBU encourages students to recycle and take care of the creation that God has created. One way students can to do this is by using reusable water bottles. The CBU bookstore offers bottles with the CBU logo as well as a variety of different colors. Another popular reusable bottle often seen around campus are Bobble water bottles. These simple designed bottles come with a bold-colored carbon filter to directly clean tap water.  $ – $$

4. Toms

This last summer, TOMS came out with new styles and prints for the now iconic comfortable shoe that a plethora of CBU students can be seen wearing. Animal prints and eclectic cultural patterns have launched and have been purchased by some students as part of their back to school wardrobe.  $$$

5. Onesie Footed Pajamas

Thought these were just for toddlers? Certainly not. Many students enjoy wearing these instead of a sweater or sweats. They are a definite conversation starter and are often seen worn outside of Brisco’s Village Café for late night munchies with friends.  $$$

6. New Clothes

Making a good first impression always gives a positive start to any year. Looking like you woke up on time looks even better in a new outfit. It also can make students feel better about the year starting in the right direction. Anything from a new shirt, dress or hat can make students feel excited about the start of school.  $-$$$

7. Folders

A simple, yet crucial need for college students, folders now come in fun popular colors, prints and are even made with recyclable materials. Folders keep papers from being misplaced and can help start off the year more organized.  $

8. Mini-stapler

On the occasion you do have papers handed out for in class work, chances are a stapler will be needed as professors do not always have one available. To avoid looking like the class doesn’t matter, get a mini-stapler.  $

9. iPad, Tablet, Kindle

As the more expensive item on the list it may be hard to justify the splurge. But with so many options, an iPad,Tablet or Kindle can really make going back to school much easier and lighter. Students can download most textbooks, take notes and on some devices, present power point presentations and much more without having to cart around fifty pounds of books and binders.  $$$$$

10. Smart Phone Case Chargers

Let’s face it; cell phones are a staple to college life. Talking, texting, emailing, Facebook, Twitter and alarm clock are just some of the many jobs that a cell phone does, but also taxes the battery. A charging case is a good investment to ensure the battery does not die in the middle of the night and prevents the alarm from going off in the morning. DEAD SMART PHONE+NO ALARM=LATE FOR CLASS.  $$$

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