May 25, 2024

As the new school year approaches, students begin the search for the latest technology to keep them setting the curve.

One of the most sought-after de- vices over the last decade, the laptop has solidified its place in classrooms around the world. However, the recent break- through of the tablet has challenged the superiority of the long-time beloved laptop.

While both devices are more than sufficient for students, the choice be- tween a laptop and a tablet is not simply an apples-to-oranges comparison.

Once a tablet skeptic, I have become a strong supporter and avid user of this new and trending technology. Need some convincing? Here are the top five reasons why I believe tablets will count in the classroom in 2012.

Move It Or Lose It

Students are always on the go! Whether they are running late to class, off to study in the library, or meeting some friends for a group project, a tablet will never slow them down.

It is obvious that portability is at the top of the list when it comes to a tablet’s advantages over a laptop. A tablet can

easily be transported from class to class in a backpack or even in a purse. Weighing in at two pounds or less, tablets are generally half the weight of most laptops.

Energizer Bunny

Another thing no longer burdening a student’s backpack as a tablet user is a cumbersome charger. With their exten- sive battery life, tablets can go up to 18 hours without needing to be charged, whereas laptops have an average battery life of seven hours or less. With a tablet, students will never need to fight with their classmates for those coveted seats near an outlet. With one full charge, they will be able to surf Facebook, or take notes, in every class without the tablet dying in the middle of a chat session.

To Each His Own

Each ambitious college student, wants to do it all. Although a laptop is great for accomplishing basic tasks, a tab- let is equipped with a plethora of helpful applications that can keep up with all of a student’s needs.

One of the most coveted apps for col- lege students is the “Kindle” app. With this valuable app, students can download text- books for a fraction of the cost and have them all on one device for quick and easy referencing. With apps for almost any- thing, homework help is at the tip of any student’s fingers.

Fast and the Functional

With a constant inflow of new assign- ments and due dates, college students do not have time to waste waiting for their computers to power up to speed. With their nearly instant-on capabilities, tablets can be ready in a matter of seconds for stu- dents to jot down a quick note or send an urgent email.

Rollin’ In It

It is obvious students have not splurged on a $5 car wash in about three months, so they probably do not have the cash to spend on a state-of-the-art computer.

Students do not have to feel as if they are stuck on their Top Ramen diets forev- er. With a tablet, they can have everything at their fingertips for an affordable price.

Equipped with all the necessities of a college student, a tablet requires no extra expenses. There is no need to worry about buying a dictionary, calculator or a dog to eat their homework — there is an app for that!

Tablets are not just a trending novelty but one of the most advanced pieces of technology available to us today. Within the past two years, an increasing number of students have begun to make the cross- over from laptop to tablet because of its advantages inside and outside the class- room. Will you be next?

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