May 23, 2024

When all else fails, log in to InsideCBU, a site catered to California Baptist University students. There, students will find all the tools necessary to be successful at CBU. From finding their schedule to planning out their four years of classes, all of these things can be accessed through this website.

The Home Page
The “Home” section now has a direct link to Banner Online, something that was not there before. Here, students can also find direct links to other school websites such as the “Annie Gabriel Library” tab, BlackBoard login, Campus Store access, the CBU Website, LancerMail and other significant pages.

Under the “Academics” tab students can find most information in regards to their graduation criteria. There is a University Catalog tab that leads them to the required courses for their major. Here, they can see when their classes are offered as well as a detailed explanation of what each class entails.

In this section students can register for classes and view their GPA projection for each semester. Another important aspect of the “Academics” section on InsideCBU is the “Grade Report” tab. Under this tab, students can find their degree guide.

The degree guide is a simple tool to make sure that they are taking the right classes required for their major, guaranteeing there will be more of a chance to graduate on time.

Using the degree guide can also help students to test out other possible majors or concentrations, helping them determine the additional classes required and if it will take them longer to graduate.

“The degree guide is helpful because it gives us a personalized look at our education and helps us have a better understanding of the courses we need to take for our selected major,” said Alyssa Moncada, junior English major. “It also helps to meet with a counselor who can go over the guide with us, just so that we can make sure we are taking the appropriate courses.”

Institutional Research Tab: Online Course Evaluations
At the end of the semester, professors are required to inform their students about completing an online evaluation of the course. While some professors hand out the evaluations during class, others are required to have their students do them online.

This year, the online evaluation can be found under the “Inst Research” tab on InsideCBU, on the left side of the screen.

Student Accounts
The “Student Accounts” section on InsideCBU details the deadlines for financial clearance and also provides students with other account information. Here, students can also find their “Course and Fee Statement,” where they can view the semester balance and whether or not they are financially cleared.

Life @ CBU
Parking permits are free and can save you the trouble of getting a ticket. All that is required to do is to register the vehicle or vehicles students would like to add under “Life @ CBU” and then selecting the Public Safety icon. This will direct them to the link where they can register their cars.

Also under this tab, students can also find their chapel listings. By simply clicking the “Chapel Attendance” tab and selecting the appropriate semester, they will be led to the chapel listings
completed thus far.

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