May 23, 2024

September brings the start of a new school year for many students, and for California Baptist University students a tradition that is looked forward to all year: TWIRP Week.

For years, this event has been held at the end of September, to usher in the new school year with the chance to meet new people or, for some, it is the first step to obtain that elusive ring by spring.

However, having this favored event at the beginning of the school year is irritating to some students.
TWIRP is supposed to be viewed as a way for students who live on and off campus to socialize with one another and meet new people, but many do not view it that way.

TWIRP is a way to allow the female population of CBU to ask that cute guy in that one class out, without seeming like a complete creeper.

Maybe the TWIRP experience leads to a second non-TWIRP associated date; maybe it does not.

It seems as if TWIRP is being viewed as something more than a casual social event hosted by the school.

This is what is causing a lot of students to become irritated about the placement of TWIRP within the school year.

Many students claim that it is too soon in the year for anyone to really have the ability to ask out a guy that they are interested in.

But what these students do not understand is that is the point of TWIRP – to ask out someone you do not know all that well and have a good time.

But maybe there is a solution to everyone’s problems with the placement of TWIRP.

I am suggesting that perhaps we have the infamous and beloved Woo Week at the beginning of school. Woo Week gives girls the opportunity to socialize with guys on the guy’s terms.

It takes the pressure off of the whole situation, at least for the women. This would then push TWIRP back to
second semester.

Many have voiced their concerns about moving TWIRP to later in the year, stating that the more-popular events like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim games and Six Flags Magic Mountain trips would be impossible to do. This could ultimately cause the event to be less appealing to students.

There are substitutions for both of these events that would be just as fun. Knott’s Berry Farm is substantially closer and is nearly the same price as Six Flags.

It is also a more appealing event to those, who like me, are not huge fans of crazy roller coasters, as they offer more of a variety of rides.

As for the Angels game, I am sure there is something just as fun as the baseball game that CBU students could attend, such as an NBA game.

As for the fact that tickets sell out so quickly, I have no other solution to offer other than to get to Community Life earlier, plan ahead or simply do a different activity. Possibly use that night as a create-a-date and invite a large group of friends.

Make TWIRP create-a- dates creative and fun, and they will be just as memorable as any other event you were trying to attend.

Just do not forget: TWIRP is about meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone and having fun all at the same time.

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