May 23, 2024

As the fall approaches, so does potentially the most important presidential race in history.

With a national deficit of more than $16 trillion that is to be paid back mostly by our generation, the debt does not look like it is going to be ending anytime soon, that is, unless Mitt Romney is elected president because he is a businessman. With an education to the likes of Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, he knows a thing or two about solving problems, specifically financial problems.

With so many issues at stake, not one can be rectified without first securing a financial future that does not have us relying on other countries like China to help us pay our own bills. Romney’s campaign is unwavering on popular issues, unlike his opponent President Barack Obama. It is clear what Obama believes with emotional speeches that in turn insult hardworking Americans.

With many issues up for debate, Romney is deciding to focus on the three most important issues that
are key to our American independence. His focus is “Jobs and Economic Growth,” “Foreign Policy,” which he is calling “An American Century,” and “Smaller, Smarter and Simpler Government.”

To start with, jobs and economic growth are at the core of every societal issue Americans are experiencing. Having Romney as president, and his proven track record to save businesses and turn a profit, will bring America back to being a strong player in the free market, essentially strengthening the world economy.

Because Romney is not a career politician, as he has spent the greater majority of his career as a businessman, he will not struggle with being firm in making a budget and simply sticking to it.

Romney is not going to back down until America is stronger in our military defense. His ideals on this issue are clear, and no one, not even our enemies, will be unclear on where we stand.

With Romney as president, he will close the borders and keep al-Qaeda and the Taliban from taking any more American lives. Romney will do so by working closely with the U.S. military, Afghanistan and Pakistan to figure out what the best decision will be to bring our troops home and deal with foreign policy in the
Middle East.

This plan is the core of what the Republican Party is passionate about: “A Smaller, Smarter, Simpler Government.” This slogan encompasses a plan that allows each state to take over the responsibility of governing its citizens and allowing the power to be back in the people’s hands.

Romney said he believes that it is the citizens’ job, not Washington, to decide what is best for themselves.

Romney will also answer the concerns of so many by repealing Obamacare.

Romney will give the American people what they want by implementing his “five point plan,” which covers “EnergyIn-dependence,” “The Skills to Succeed,” “Trade that Works for America,” “Cut the Deficit” and “ChampionforBusiness.”

These five points highlight the in-depth work Romney is prepared to do for the country that he loves and always defends.

Students know and have to accept that they will never receive any social security in their lifetime. It is telling of the nation’s health that this notion is an accepted reality that there will not be anything left in the next 30 to 40 years for millennials.

Obama has failed in that he has not stood firm in giving Washington a budget. The only logical reasoning from Obama’s actions is that he does not take the wealth and financial health of our nation serious, and it is costing us trillions of dollars.

Obama’s camp proclaims that they are saving the economy $2 billion, which in all fairness is quite a bit of money. However, when compared to our national debt, that savings is only one- tenth of the national debt. So this savings seems silly to brag about.

Romney has stood firm in his core beliefs for this country as well as his proven track record of saving failing businesses and resurrecting them from near extinction.

The difference between Obama and Romney is Obama has made his career being a politician; Romney has made his career from hard work and education. He does not need this job; he wants this job, simply as a civil servant to do what is right. This November, do what is right.

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