March 20, 2023

Autumn comes with many entertaining fall festivities, one fun activity in particular is fantasy football.
Fantasy football is an online activity that provides players the opportunity to keep up-to-date with their favorite NFL teams and players, as well as interact with friends and take part in competition.

In fantasy football, a group of around 10 teams compete with one another in weekly head-to-head matches to win the championship at the end of the season.

Each team consists of real NFL players that the individual fantasy players “draft” to be a part of the team. They then set lineups of players that compete for them each week.

Depending on their real- life statistical performance, each NFL player is awarded a certain number of points each week. The fantasy football player whose team adds up to have the most points in his head-to-head matchup wins.

The first step in playing fantasy football is to find a league in which to play. Participants have different options. They can either find a friend and join his or her league, find a previously established online league or start up their own league with other aspiring fantasy footballers.

Once a league is joined, delve into research. Researching is important because potentially bad players can be harmful to the fantasy team. Every fantasy football player is likely to have their desired draft picks; however, it is also essential to have backup players as some of the desirable players could get chosen in the draft by another team.

All leagues are different; however, most teams are made up of two quarterbacks, two running backs, four receivers/tight ends, two team defenses and two kickers. Leagues allow participants to choose multiple people at one position so they can alternate during the season, according to a player’s performance or health status.

Once the process of drafting players is complete, it is time to come up with the lineup. Each week, players will be placed on a team’s starting lineup consisting of half of the roster. This is when it is important to check the status of players before they’re placed in the lineup; some players may be sitting out that week. Next step, time to watch some football.

While watching the game, it is smart to have league rules handy. As earlier indicated, all leagues have different rules. This also applies to how a player’s team scores points. Be sure to be familiar with them.

While an NFL regular season lasts 17 weeks, fantasy football regular seasons will not last that long.

Fantasy football provides the opportunity for everyone to feel as if he or she is just as part of the game as the professional players and build friendships along the way.

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