March 21, 2023

The road to the flag football championship “Fortuna Bowl” is long. When the game is over, and a new intramural flag football champion is crowned, the road to next year’s championship begins.

Each year, the intramural league becomes more competitive, and teams have to take their games to new heights. The only way for these teams to get a leg up on their competition is to scout the top players year in and year out.

Here are some of the top ways that intramural athletes have been recruited this season:


One of the top-selling points for any team is the uniform. It is the difference between intimidation and humiliation.

There are many approaches to crafting a good uniform. For the team known simply as “Dynasty,” the all-black jerseys look to send fear into the heart of the opponents. Bedazzlesaurus-Rex shows that pink is always the new pink, and the cut-off jean shorts displayed by the Webelos help bring us to a time when things were more simple.


As good as fresh uniforms are for self-esteem, they cannot put the ball in the end zone. This is why new players are looking for teams with a history of success.

On the women’s side, the defending champion team, the Bus Drivers, have been a mainstay at the Fortuna Bowl and have always found a way to reload their talent. Smooth Criminals and SWAT are also teams with a storied past who are looking to cement their place in flag football history with a Fortuna Bowl victory.

One word alone describes dominance on the men’s side: Dynasty. This year, the road will not be as easy as Beast Mode On, Stealth 2.0 and the Webelos are all striving for Fortuna immortality.


The truth is, not everybody that puts on the flags sees winning as the most important thing. Some teams’ philosophies are to enjoy the intramural experience while building community.

The Webelos are a draw for talented players that are looking to have fun. Before each game, the Webelos warm up in a manner reminiscent of a Broadway chorus line, which shows the carefree attitude of the team.

As the journey toward the Fortuna Bowl continues, legends will be made, dreams will be realized and recruiting will begin for next year.

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