May 23, 2024

When leaving for college, homesickness can become a real issue.

For students like Marie Hannula, junior sociology major from Tacoma, Wash., college becomes a learning process for not only getting a degree, but also coming to terms with living away from family and friends.

“It is tough being away from home at times, especially when exciting things are happening back at home,” Hannula said.

For others like Hannah Stipek, junior health science major and also from Tacoma, being away at college provided a whole new appreciation for the time spent with relatives.

“I love being away from home,” Stipek said. “It makes going home for holidays better.”

There are several ways of keeping in contact even with those very far from you.

For years, Skype has been another mode of communication that is growing and allowing students and their family members to connect. Video calling enables more than two people at once to video-chat, and also allows families to come together.

“My mom would say, ‘I want to see my little boy’s face,’” said Josh Mott, graduate assistant from Chowchilla, Calif.“ Primarily, I would tell my mom what I was doing in my life, and she would tell me what went on at home.”

Another way to help prevent homesickness is by receiving care packages. They can be comprised of little items that bring “home” closer to the student.

Samuel Bryant, junior electrical and computer engineering major from Apple Valley ,Calif., said, “I remember my freshman year, when it came toward midterm time, my parents sent me a care package that reminded me of home.”

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