December 3, 2023

Black Friday is a day when people are able to save money on their Christmas shopping, but such a phenomenon has also brought along many deaths. The craze people go through on this day is unquestionable.

I do not understand how it is possible for completely normal individuals to engage in such competitive practices in something as simple as shopping.

Only a few years ago, Black Friday started early the morning after Thanksgiving. People filled many stores and waited in the cold early morning to prepare for doors to open and let them do their shopping. But now that more stores are engaging in sales and encouraging people to make their purchases early, retailers have gone to the extreme of opening their stores for sales the day of Thanksgiving.

Shoppers are now waiting days ahead, camping outside stores, making sure they can be among the first to start their shopping.

Slowly, it is becoming Black Thursday and no longer Black Friday.

Family time and Thanksgiving are interrupted by meaningless sales that encourage people to spend more than they can imagine.

People go in to purchase what they have already planned but come out with more unnecessary items that were on sale and attracted them at the moment.

Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving with family, shoppers are spending this time under tents and on chairs located outside stores.

Days are planned ahead of time, catalogs are marked up and people celebrate the coming of Black Friday, a day that is deemed successful among all retailers, since they are the ones that end up benefiting at the end of the day.

Are people really saving money? Or are they spending money on generic items priced lower than the original brand and do not last as long?

To be able to save, people need to be wise about what they purchase and focus on what they planned on buying.

If there is no regulation regarding who retailers let in, the chaos will continue and deaths will not decline.

A day long awaited has become the death of many. Think twice about the next time you participate in this activity, and take into consideration how it will impact the rest of your life.

My point is not to refrain from shopping on Black Friday but to never let the thought of being first and getting the best deal completely invade your mind. It is only when people start being competitive that accidents happen.

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