March 3, 2024
Photo by Fletcher Perkins
Seeds of pumpkins have been found to aid in healthy digestion. Eating pumpkin seeds help get rid of harmful ailments.

Pumpkins are not only used during Halloween to create creatures that come to life at night. They are also nutritious and promote a healthy lifestyle.

“Pumpkin seeds help eliminate parasites, not only when taken with coconut water but also in their natural form,” said Ismael Garza, certified natural health professional.

The seeds can also be eaten alone but must not be roasted, or they will lose all of their digestive enzymes that help with the elimination of parasites.

“All people have at least one kind of parasite,” Garza said. “They can be attracted through what you eat, lack of hygiene, water, food, and meat that hasn’t been cooked well. The parasites can be found in the blood remaining in the meat.”

There are many kinds of pumpkins, but any of their seeds can be consumed. Not only do the seeds help in eliminating parasitic organisms, but the pumpkin itself has various vitamins that help promote a healthy lifestyle. These vitamins also contain high amounts of protein, according to Garza.

“The pumpkin has a lot of vitamin C and anti-cancerous elements,” Garza said.

Pumpkins can be prepared in many ways to serve these functions, but cutting it up in pieces and boiling with water, while adding only a small amount of raw sugar, will make them easier to eat.

“Pumpkin is easy to digest and can sometimes serve as a laxative to help people with constipation,” Garza said.

Garza also mentioned that eating pumpkin serves to control arterial pressure, helping to maintain a healthy heart.

“They also help regulate body temperature,” Garza said. “When it is cold outside, it helps create body heat.”

Although many simply use pumpkins for fun and may only consume them through drinks, pies and other pastries, pumpkins and their seeds can be helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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