June 19, 2024

Some might say “obsessed” is a strong word, and though it may harbor a negative connotation, it could describe a person perfectly.

Renee N. Campbell, sophomore business administration major, said, “I’m not (obsessed with Christmas)! I’m obsessed with the meaning of Christmas. It’s a time for people and families to celebrate the birth of our Savior! The gifts and food are just a bonus.”

There are a handful of students on campus who are obsessed with everything about Christmas. These fanatics do not start after Thanksgiving is over or once Black Friday shopping is complete. These jolly spirits have 365 days of Christmas cheer.

One of the few passionate and dedicated Christmas elves on campus is Ruthie R. Ceausu, senior Christian behavioral science and psychology double major.

“Honestly, I listen to Christmas music almost year-round,” Ceausu said. “I usually get yelled at if it’s around other people and before October, but that doesn’t stop me when I’m driving or working by myself. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when there’s Christmas music in the background.”

The appeal of Christmas for Ceausu is the love that can be seen by everyone.

Photo by Willoughby Douglas
“Nicole Van Dyke, with her Christmas decorations, is happy about the holiday.”

“I love everything that comes with Christmas, but I love what happens at Christmas more,” Ceausu said. “Families love more, strangers give more (and) friends take the time to appreciate each others’ company.”

Another Christmas connoisseur is Christopher J. Powers, senior Christian studies major, who said that he has a year-round relationship with the Christmas spirit.

Powers keeps his tree and lights up until February, goes on eggnog hunts in the summer, listens to Christmas music and watches Christmas movies all year long. He said that what really drives his obsession is beating his mom in gift-giving, which is a year- long endeavor.

“I like to plan out how I am going to wrap my mom’s gift all year; she loves to get me really small things and wrap it in extremely huge boxes,” Powers said. “It’s really hard for me to unwrap my gifts, so I try all year to beat her at her game.”

Nicole Van Dyke, junior psychology and sociology double major, uses Pinterest to get in the holiday spirit year-round.

Van Dyke does not waste any time preparing for the gift-giving season. She shops for Christmas gifts year- round.

“If I could skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, I would,” Van Dyke said.

The giving aspect of Christmas is not the only thing with which Van Dyke is obsessed. She shows her holiday love with a collection
of Christmas socks, aprons and dish towels. She decorates her apartment for Christmas a week before Thanksgiving.

“The miracle of Christmas is that the baby who came 2,000 years ago still changes our hearts today,” Ceausu said. “That’s why I love Christmas. Remembering Christ’s birth makes Him even more evident in our world and in our lives. That is worth celebrating throughout the year.”

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