September 28, 2023

All over campus, students will hear that their degree means something. Yes, something much more than a large debt deferred until after graduation.

A degree with Christian morals and values, integrated right in the classroom, is opening eyes of employers seeking employees in such a competitive job market.

Dr. Bob Namvar, professor of economics, said he agrees with this idea.

“(In) today’s job market, most people that are going to hire want people with ethics or morality,” Namvar said.

Coming from a professor who often tells his students the insider secrets of how businesses really work, his opinion matters.

Namvar has been involved, either directly and indirectly, in the application and screening processes of potential employees in many companies and corporations in the United States.

“I don’t want to watch everyone’s work; I don’t want to look over their shoulders,” Namvar said. “So if I have people who graduated from a Christian school, I know that they were at least taught values — Christian values.”

Students also understand this. They know being an honest and trustworthy employee will get them farther than just the degree they obtain.

Just because a student attends a public university, community college or a secular private institution does not mean they are any less trustworthy than someone who came from a school with a biblical foundation.

But to put it in perspective, students who are willing to give up the fast-paced party scene and surround themselves in an environment of Christ and academics are a better candidate for a job.

The staff and faculty at a private Christian university devote time to students who would never get such a benefit at another public institution. Staff and faculty alike are willing to go the extra distance ensuring that an honest and well-rounded student is awarded a diploma by the time he or she graduates.

The reputation CBU builds in the workforce through alumni who pave a road of employment for future graduates.

The students are taught at CBU to uphold a reputation of a devoted, morally sound leader and caring individual.

Looking at two equally qualified people for an open position, one from a state school and one from a private Christian college, it goes without saying that the Christian college graduate will receive the call.

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