June 19, 2024

It starts off with that wandering gaze out the window as the professor describes the paper due next week.

Next comes the urge to watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey instead of filling out those internship applications that have been sitting on the desk for two weeks.

Finally, comes the countdown: less than 100 days until May 4 — graduation day for hundreds of California Baptist University students.

However, what happens in the mean time when senioritis infects the campus’ future graduates?

I vote we embrace it, fellow graduates.

College changes all of those who choose to enter into higher education.

At the end of the journey comes the million-dollar question: “What do you plan to do next?”

The next step might be graduate school. The next step might be a small office above a coffee shop in the city. The next step might even be working in a completely different culture across the world.

Many seniors still have no idea what they will be doing after that diploma is handed to them and they walk across the graduation stage.

However, in the three months of the spring semester left for CBU’s soon-to-be graduates, the key factor is that they are ready.

Senioritis is not something students should fear or use as an excuse to not finish the semester strong. There is no cure, and there should not be one.

That restlessness just illustrates a sense of preparedness for what is next, because a person can be ready for what is next without knowing what is around the next bend.

So to all of those seniors out there counting down the very seconds until graduation, find some solace in the fact that you are ready.

View that next research paper, test or group project as just another thing to mark off the list and another step taking you further down the road to what waits for you after college.

Enjoy senioritis while you can as it surges through your very bones.

It makes the prize of graduation even sweeter and your journey through college much more important

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