May 23, 2024

The recent opening of California Baptist University’s new recreation center has offered students the opportunity to get fit, make new friends and get first-hand experience in their career fields.

For Jessica Ball, junior kinesiology major, the building of the new recreation center has been an opportunity to jump into the field she loves.

“CBU is all about community, and it has been so awesome seeing everyone come together and work for a healthy and fit lifestyle,” Ball said.

The recreation center offers several classes that are taught throughout the week by CBU students who have a passion for fitness.

“Being able to teach a class and motivate others is so rewarding,” Ball said. “It also gives you a preview of what you are going to be doing after graduation.”

Although teaching classes are beneficial to their career, the students had to work hard to get the chance.

“I applied for the position through the CBU online job board,” said Gina Pera, sophomore pre-nursing major. “During winter break all group instructors went through training, taught other instructors and also presented their classes to supervisors. Along with that, everyone had to get CPR/First Aid certified.”

Unlike most workout facilities, the CBU recreation center does not require trainers to have degrees to teach classes. This opens the door to students trying to find work while finishing up their degree.

“I have tried several times to get a job at a gym as a trainer, and they all require you to already have a degree,” Ball said. “That makes it really difficult to get a paying job in your field while still in school.”

The recreation center offers not only classes throughout the week but also high-tech equipment with which students can train.

“There is so much equipment to use and educate people on,” Ball said. “In kinesiology we try to think of health and fitness as a lifelong decision.”

Although the trainers are still students, this job gives them an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained in class. It also gives them real-life experience to add to their resume.

“Teaching cycle classes has enabled me to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to others,” Pera said of her work. “In order to prevent health complications later on in life I believe it all starts with proper diet and exercise.”

The new recreation center is not only aiding students with their fitness, but is also giving kinesiology majors the opportunity to prepare for their future.

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