January 31, 2023

By Joseph Chan

Bus. & Tech Editor


Google has just introduced its new program, Google Fiber, in which an individual can instantly access Wi-Fi, television shows and storage space for videos, photos and music applications.

“I like that Google is expanding to TV,” said Anna Hart, senior English major. “But I’m not sold on it. It’s cool that it comes with the Nexus tablet and the terabytes of storage, but it has the cloud storage and that is in no way secure.”

Hart said she is planning to wait a few more years for Google to work out the bugs so the Internet cloud security may mature.

It is innovative in its speed, but Hart said she believes Google can do better to make this technology truly unique.

Despite the controversy that the cloud storage may not appear secure, several other factors still make Google Fiber valuable.

“It is amazing that Google is going out of its way in order to expand more entertainment opportunities for their audience as well as reaching a larger target audience,” said William Hunnel, sophomore architecture major. “For example, the fact that one could streamline a bunch of programs while still watching all of your favorite channels at once is incredible.”

Hunnel said that Google is taking a step in the right direction. Infusing television and the Internet is something that is innovative and is surely worthwhile for users, he added.

Not everyone realizes that these are all the different mediums people can use to access high-speed Wi-Fi, store music, videos or photos, and retrieve instant access to television.

Hunnel said through the different mediums to retrieve different information, Google Fiber is able to hold a target audience of various age groups, ethnic groups, and demographics, all while satisfying a multitude of global technologic needs for modern society.

Google Fiber serves a wide audience group with diverse needs. All of its features further its credibility for various purposes, including storage space and access to to Wi-fi for all individuals.

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