January 31, 2023




Nintendo Co. has been a staple in the gaming industry for more than two decades and has some exciting new offers for its fans.

In the last year, Nintendo offered its latest releases of both their new handheld and console gaming platforms. Each has been low in sales compared to previous releases, leaving Nintendo to offer cheaper options in the coming months.

In 2004, the company  released its first revolutionary Nintendo DS, which was not only the company’s first touch-screen but also the first device to offer dual screens.

Since then, dual screens have become synonymous with Nintendo portable devices. With its latest release of the Nintendo 3DS XL, 3-D gaming was integrated. However, the device had low sales compared to its predecessors.

This October, Nintendo will offer its cheapest DS yet — the Nintendo 2DS. The 2DS is advertised on Nintendo’s official website as the newest member of the DS family. Nintendo claims that it includes everything offered by the other devices except for the 3-D gaming component.

The 2DS is the first of the DS family to not be a flip-screen. Also, it lacks the sleek look of its predecessors; the overall look is reminiscent of the company’s much older devices.

It is $40 cheaper than any other DS device and other than its changed appearance, Nintendo advertises that it will offer its fans a similar gaming experience.

Michalie Haddad, sophomore English major, said she is skeptical of the 2DS’s new design.

“I know the 3-D screens hurt some of my friends’s eyes, but to have them completely open all the time is ridiculous,” he said. “They would get scratched. The other design is so portable.”

At its release, the 2DS will be available in two colors: red and blue.

Another Nintendo platform that received less than stellar sales last year was the Wii U console. In response, the Wii U will be getting a $50 dollar price cut in time for the holiday season to entice buyers to invest in the console.

Zachary Chandler, sophomore philosophy and communications studies double major, has held out on buying a Wii U for a few reasons.

One major reason is that “there aren’t any big game titles for it,” Chandler said.

However, after learning about the price cut, Chandler said he might be purchasing a Wii U in the near future.

Nintendo is offering both novice gamers and long-time Nintendo buyers two new ways to more sensibly purchase and enjoy its products for this fall, especially because of the price cut across all stores selling Nintendos.

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