March 25, 2023

By Taylor Morris

Lifestyle Editor


Exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, but if done improperly, it may do more harm than good.

It requires gradual transitions to reach a certain goal as well as proper techniques to avoid any chance of injuries.

The most important step to take before exercising is warming up.

“(The warm-up) should consist of 5-10 minutes of easy cardio to get heart rate up and blood circulating to extremities,” said Sarah Pfau, athletic trainer. “Then, progress to some dynamic stretching.

“If you have time to, add some mobility techniques, such as foam-rolling, using a lacrosse ball or other forms of self-myofascial release. This is helpful to correct dysfunctional movement patterns before you even do anything with weight.”

People just starting to exercise or those trying to reach a goal need to start slow. Jumping into an extreme workout right away will increase the chances of an injury. Also, the person should not try an exercise if they are not sure how to execute the form.

“If looking to begin a workout regimen, it is critical to begin small and work toward simple goals,” said Meagan Bellefeuille, senior kinesiology major. “Then, one will not become disappointed and give up if they are not achieved. It also helps if you workout with a friend because then there is an element of competition that leads to bigger results.”

Many people obtain injuries from simply using an improper technique.

“The major ones I see are injured lower backs, medial knee patellar tracking issues and shoulder impingements,” Pfau said. “The first two are commonly from improper squat technique, and shoulder injuries often occur because of an imbalanced ratio of pushing to pulling exercises.”

The most important step after exercising is the cool-down. Working out in order to stay fit will only be successful if one maintains his or her body. Fitness not only requires repition, but consistency as well.

The cool-down is important because it helps prevent lactic acid build-up. This will keep one’s muscles from being sore and enable him or her to exercise again sooner.

By taking certain precautions when working out, athletes and non-athletes alike will be able to avoid unncessary injuries in the future.

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