January 31, 2023

By Taylor Morris 

Asst. Lifestyle Editor


Consumed by messes of homework, late nights with friends and rushing to classes, it is easy to leave the appearance of a dorm room or apartment by the wayside.

A vase of flowers or a potted plant is a cheap and easy way to brighten up a college apartment and help put one at ease.

By sophomore year, students have fresh ideas on how to decorate their apartment; they have a year of experience under their belt and have seen friends’s apartments and dorms to gain ideas.

However, a freshman coming from home who is most likely unfamiliar living on his or her own, may often be intimidated by blank walls and empty desks.

“I need it to feel like home,” said Alina F. Broton, freshman clinical health science major, when describing her first reaction upon entering her dorm room.

Mia Flores and her roommate, Brittney Johnson, decided to add some life to their room by having a few vases of flowers.

“When I think of flowers, I think of happiness,” Johnson said.

The women  say they enjoy walking into their room and seeing something bright and refreshing.

Potted plants would be difficult to maintain in a dorm room, leaving a mess and extra work to be done. Bouquets of flowers can be found at grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s for $3.99.

Flores and Johnson  say they plan to always replenish their room with flowers and plants to keep it bright and fresh.

Flowers and plants are not against any of the school’s policies. As long as the plants are well kept, students can have them.

“Flowers are allowed as long as they’re not growing a forest,” said Jennifer N. Leight, junior English major and an RA in Simmons Hall.

Adding flowers to a dorm room or apartment is a fantastic way to bring in some    sense of home and they are a great starter for freshmen who are stumped on how to decorate at school.

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