December 3, 2023

By Jillian Johnson

Asst. Sports Editor


Baseball, which is Ame-
rica’s favorite pastime, has appeared to lose steam in comparison with other professional athletic programs.

Because of the popularity of celebrity athletes, the National Basketball Association and National Football League have been able to obtain a level of success that has separated those professional sports from Major League Baseball.

Though MLB games still attract a wide range of fans, most have either grown up in homes that have watched baseball religiously or happen to be baseball players themselves.

“I grew up in a house that would actually travel to all the MLB stadiums with my uncle, Lenny Dykstra, who was in the MLB,” said Jenessa Dykstra, senior liberal studies major.

In contrast, NBA and NFL games have become “shows” for the spectators.

The opening venue   and halftime show provide fans with an experience that differs from MLB games.

Dykstra disagrees with the idea that baseball is losing popularity, though.

“MLB is still a growing sport, and more people are starting to watch and understand the sport these days,” Dykstra said.

Mitch Munger, senior kinesiology major, transferred last year from Irvine Valley College where he played baseball.

“I don’t think it is (losing popularity), but since I grew up around baseball I only really know and identify with people that associate with baseball,” Munger said.

Munger said baseball’s seeming lack of popularity could be because of the fact that people think baseball is “boring.”

“People who do not understand the sport and its impact on our society are more attracted to sports with more violence, really know the sport of baseball, it’s usually the only sport they follow.”

Although opinions may very, baseball is a sport that will continue to breed fans throughout the generations  to come as the love for this sport is continued to be passed on.

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