January 31, 2023

By Ashley Dinkel

Asst. Lifestyle Editor


With new technology increasing every day, many people are turning to dating apps on their smart phones to connect with people and possibly find their future significant other.

Meeting someone new  the old-fashioned way may become something of the past because of the rise in dating apps.

Megan Shoemaker, sophomore pre-nursing major, met the man who is now her boyfriend using the Plenty of Fish dating app.

“I met my boyfriend thorough the app and so far, things have worked out well between us,” she said.

In this day and age, most students are glued to their computer or phone, which makes downloading various apps to their smartphones a common thing to do.

According to appappeal.com, some of the popular dating apps include Zoosk, Plenty of Fish and Tinder.

Dating online has become more socially acceptable in the world we live in today. However, safety can be a huge concern.

“You can make (your  profile) as private as you want and decide what to share and what not to share about yourself,” Shoemaker said. “You can even remain completely anonymous until you feel ready to share more.”

Cassie Jakubowski, sophomore political science major, said she prefers to put the dating apps away and find someone the old-fashioned way.

“I would rather meet someone in person by accident than meeting someone online or on app,” Jakubowski said.

Various new dating apps have been developed and are growing in popularity. Many students have different opinions on their dating life whether they want to find someone through an app online or meet someone in person.

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