May 23, 2024

By Laura Quach

Health Editor


Acquiring the right nutrients to replenish the body amid a time-crunching schedule is not easy in today’s fast-paced society.

Whether on-the-go or before an intense workout, Quest Nutrition’s Quest Bars supply a wholesome, protein- and fiber-packed, all-natural, yet delicious, meal for those who want to get lean, tone up or add muscle mass to their physique.

“Anyone can eat them to replenish and rejuvenate” said Syed Gauher, GNC manager.

Quest Bars’s recipe uses only the best products and ingredients, is low in carbs, has little-to-no sugar, and is gluten-free.

Some find Quest Bars have pleasurably satisfying flavors that competing protein bars do not have.

Katie M. Pavao, senior theater major, said her favorite is the strawberry cheesecake-flavored bar.

“You can taste the sweetness of the strawberries,” she said.

Nutrition bars often taste like nothing but their major ingredient, making them unpleasant or extremely high in artificial sugars to compensate. That is not the case for Quest Bars.

Quest Bars, can be used as a flavorful  meal replacement that curbs hunger, helps build muscle, tones and leans bodies all while being nutritious. There is no wonder why they are a favorite and go-to-bar for many in the fitness realm.

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